HG Lisa's Must-Click Picks (Food Finds & More)

Jul 12 2016


We're all about scouring shelves and websites for AMAZING food finds, kitchen gadgets, and more. Here's a group of HG Lisa's HAND-SELECTED picks that are dominating Hungryland (and her personal kitchen) RIGHT NOW!

Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Pool Floats

How CUTE are these foodie pool floats?! We're obsessed, and you will be too. Check out the donut, ice cream sandwich, Smarties, Tootsie Roll, and pizza slice... A few of 'em are floating in HG Lisa's pool right now. Your backyard will never be the same!

Just Great Stuff Powdered Organic Peanut Butter

2 tbsp.: 50 calories, 1.5g fat (0g sat fat), 90mg sodium, 5g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugars, 5g protein

SmartPoints® value 1*

Made from defatted ground peanuts, this miracle product is super low in calories and fat! Add a little water, and it turns into peanut butter. It's also amazing in smoothies, baked goods, pancakes... Pretty much anywhere you'd want a dose of PB flavor without the guilt. WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

Magic Bullet

This is the BEST little blender in the whole wide world. It's IDEAL for fast smoothies -- you can drink right out of the blender cup! Wanna puree some veggies with broth for a quickie soup? Get out that Bullet! We also use ours for a couple of special HG tricks: turning bran cereal into high-fiber breadcrumbs (hello, baked-not-fried onion rings and more!), and shredding light string cheese for low-cal pizzas. No guilt-free kitchen is complete without one of these... CLICK!!!

Enlightened The Good-for-You Crisp Roasted Broad Beans

1 oz.: 100 calories, 2.5g total fat (0g sat fat), 120 - 150mg sodium, 15g carbs, 3g fiber, 0 - 1g sugars, 7g protein

SmartPoints® value 2*

If you've not yet hopped on the crispy-bean-snack bandwagon, it's time to take that leap aboard... specifically with this line! The flavors are outrageously good: Sea Salt, Mesquite BBQ, Garlic & Onion, Sriracha, and Wasabi. And they're so nutritious. (Hello, fiber + protein!) Best of all? You can get this perfect snack in single-serving bags. Order a variety pack of snack-sized pouches now.

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Wanna turn veggies into a low-cal, high-fiber pasta swap with a twist of your wrist?! Yeah, we thought so! Spiralized veggies are all the rage, and this spiralizer a) works fantastically well, and b) is a total bargain. Just take a zucchini, cucumber, or comparable veggie, and twist it into the contraption like you're sharpening a pencil. Skinny strands of veggie noodles will instantly emerge! This gadget's a MUST!

Teavana PerfecTea Maker

This could not be more aptly named. It's a MUST-HAVE contraption for any tea lover. Add loose-leaf tea and hot water, and let it steep. Then just place it over your favorite mug, and the tasty tea pours itself! Pssst... Pick up some of Teavana's incredible loose-leaf tea while you're at it.

Hungry Girl Books

We can’t not mention our cookbooks, supermarket guide, and diet book! Amazon is always a great place to score amazing deals on HG books. HUNGRY GIRL TO THE MAX! is a favorite of ours -- 650 easy and delicious recipes, including classics like egg mugs, onion rings & more. And our latest cookbook, Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry, is our first-ever all-natural recipe collection! Click here to check out all the Hungry Girl books... They make great gifts!
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