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Hungry G,

Memorial Day weekend is just days away, and I am in desperate need of a refresher course from you. Help me, HG -- BBQs are my weakness!

Cookout Queen
Dear Cookout Queen,

Don't sweat it. Even though BBQs can be packed with fattening foods, there's usually TONS of amazing, good-for-you stuff there, too. Over the years, I've sent out lots of emails with tips & tricks on how to survive 'em... and in case you don't feel like searching the archives of the website, here are links to three great emails! And keep an eye out for our brand-new Summer's (Almost) Here Survival Guide, this Friday in your inbox...

1. Memorial Day Must-Read - Everything you need to know before heading out this weekend.

2. Labor Day Survival Guide - These kebab tips and seasoning picks, plus a sangria recipe and more, are useful all summer long -- no need to wait 'til the season ends!

3. Patty Time! - Check out 6 rockin' burger picks (including a cheesesteak-flavored one and a seafood burger!).

You can also check out the HG book for more BBQ help -- it's PACKED with recipes (like Saucy BBQ Seafood Skewers, Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Skewers, and even a slaw-stuffed BBQ chicken wrap!) and mini survival guides (including one for BBQs!). Happy BBQ season!

Dear Hungry Girl,

Everyone knows that the whole low-carb craze was a fad and that it's pretty much over (thank goodness). But I recently read that you lost weight by cutting out most carbs -- "dry carbs," as you put it. What does that mean, and what is your take on carbs?

Carbie Doll
Dear Carbie Doll,

I want to start by saying this is just my opinion based on personal experience (remember -- I'm not a nutrition professional, I'm just hungry!). Yes, I did give up what I call "dry carbs" for almost a year. That includes most starchy foods -- pasta, potatoes, bread, flour of any kind, etc. And to this day, if I ever want to drop a few pounds here or there for some reason (a special event or trip!), giving those things up is the easiest way for me to lose that weight. It's obviously not the same for everyone. But for my body, avoiding those carby items is the key to weight loss. I LOVE protein, and it fills me up WAY more than starchy foods -- so that lifestyle was/is pretty easy for me. The reason I started to incorporate those starches back into my diet is because completely avoiding them FOREVER seemed unrealistic. These days, the dry carbs I eat are mostly ones that are high in fiber, like Fiber One cereal and high-fiber tortillas. I also eat a lot of oatmeal (yum!). My feeling is that the key is finding out what works for you. Some people can eat a reasonable amount of regular carbs and feel totally satisfied. If I eat a lot of starchy carbs that aren't fiber-packed, I tend to get hungrier, eat more, and take in more calories (which causes me to gain weight). That's why I generally avoid eating those types of foods (there are, of course, exceptions!). Hope that helps!

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Today, May 21st, is National Strawberries & Cream Day. We say the best way to celebrate is with HG's Super-Duper Strawberry Shortcake. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
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