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Dear Hungry Girl,

I love cold breakfast cereals but I don't think they're good for me.  Do you eat cereal and, if so, which ones do you like?

-- Cereal Lover

Dear Cereal Lover,

I don't eat cereal very often simply because I try to avoid non fruit and veggie carbs as much as possible.  I find that when I eat cereal in the morning, I'm hungrier throughout the day.  I'll have a bowl of cereal at 8am and I'll be starving by 11:00.  That being said, I do enjoy cereal and I eat it every now and then.  I love Trader Joe's Apple Cinnamon More or Less cereal.  I'm also a big fan of Shredded Wheat and Barbara's Bakery Puffins.  All three are good cereal choices, both for taste and nutrition.  But cereal is tricky.  The serving sizes are extremely unrealistic.  A box of cereal supposedly has between 9-13 servings, but unless you're a hamster, there are more like 5 or 6 servings in a box.  If you have to double the calories, suddenly it doesn't feel like such a smart option.  Sorry to be a cereal killer, but I gotta say no to that one.

Dear Hungry Girl,

What are you favorite fat free salad dressings?

-- All Dressed Up

Dear All Dressed Up,

New studies show that having some fat in your salad helps your body absorb more of the nutrients in your veggies.  However, using dressings packed with fat may not be the answer.  If you pour them on liberally, you could be adding hundreds of calories to your meal.  I prefer to top my salad with a little avocado (to get some fat) and stick with fat free dressing.  My favorite fat free dressings are made by Girard's and Walden Farms.  Girard's makes all kinds of awesome flavors -- like Roasted Red Pepper Italian, Ranch and Garlic Caesar.  They are soooo good and are fairly low in calories.  Plus, you can buy handy packets (that you can take with you) at  If you're a fan of Thousand Island dressing (even though it's no longer 1983) try Walden Farms' version.   It's the BEST!   Yum!

Today, September 8, is National Date Nut Bread day. Maybe you should skip the celebration this year. Each small slice packs in around 220-280 calories and 4-8 grams of fat!

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