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Tried the Applebee's Weight Watchers Menu yet?  We did.  Here's our take on it...

Souper Dooper!

Of all the items on Applebee's Weight Watchers Menu, the Onion Soup au Gratin was by far our absolute favorite!  This 150 calorie, 8g of fat, 3 point soup is loaded with oodles of delicious perfectly cooked onions and topped off with yummy bread and lots of melted reduced-fat cheese.  This soup is so good it almost made us cry (And no, that had nothing to do with the onions).

Go Fish!

We tried all of the entrees except for the calorie-infested Baja Chicken Rollup (one high-point entree, the Tortilla Chicken Melt, was all we could handle).  Our clear favorite was the Grilled Talapia with Mango Salsa (7 points).  We skipped the rice and ordered double veggies.  The folks at our local Applebee's were more than happy to fulfill that request.  The Talapia was flaky, fresh and not fishy at all.  And the mango salsa was filled with spicy tropical goodness.  The Teriyaki Shrimp Skewers (5 points), Tortilla Chicken Melt (10 points) and Sizzling Chicken Skillet (7 points) also got "two yums up" from us!  Impressive work, Applebee's!

All Dressed Up...

There are two salads on the WW menu at The 'Bees, and both are good.  We did, however, have issues with each of them.  The Mesquite Chicken Salad (4 points) was tasty but we weren't thrilled with the barbeque ranch dressing.  It was a bit watery and it sort of tasted like Band-Aids.  Really.  Ask for the dressing on the side and try it out yourself.  The Grilled Citrus Chicken Salad (5 points) was even better.  The dressing was light, sweet and fruity (and no adhesive strip flavor) while the chicken was chargrilled to perfection.  But the salad is topped with oranges and it's clear that they're from a jar.  Why not use fresh oranges?  Or even mandarin ones?  At least those don't have that weird grapefruit-y flavor that jarred or canned oranges have.  That being said, we'd order both of these salads again.

Just Desserts...

Here's the deal with the desserts.  Both the Berry Lemon Cheesecake (5 points) and the Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake (4 points) impressed us.  And neither is terribly high in points or calories.  The cheesecake, which is actually a scoop of cheesy mousse, has a bit of an overpowering artificial lemon flavor.  But it's deliciously disguised by berries and berry-flavored sauce.  The Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake was pretty moist and not bad, though it was a little small (there's no denying that when it comes to cake, size matters).  Bottom line: If given the choice, we'd wait 'til we got home to scarf down a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich smothered in fat free whipped cream (around 150 calories, 3 points).  But if everyone else is ordering dessert and you want be be part of the eating frenzy, by all means order one.  You won't be disappointed.

Weight Watchers was started by Jean Nidetch in 1963.  Jean had weekly weight loss support meetings in her Queens, NY home.

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