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Mann's Oh Man!
Mann's Oh Man!
Spotted on Shelves

Mann's Healthy Snacks On The Go! - The veggie masters over at Mann's have done it again! Their li'l snack packs of cut-up veggies 'n stuff are FANTASTIC. Each pack (there are 4 varieties) contains an assortment of veggies -- like carrots, celery, and stringless sugar snap peas -- with light ranch dip. These each have 2 servings per container, and most have 50 - 70 calories, 3 - 3.5g fat, and 1 - 2g fiber (POINTS® value 1*) per serving. (One comes with raisins and has 150 calories per serving.) PERFECT! Check out the Mann's site for coupons. (Pssst, if you have trouble printing them, just contact the company and they'll send you some!)

New Lean Cuisine Seafood Selections - Something fishy's going on over at the Lean Cuisine HQ, and we mean that in a good way! Four brand-new Seafood Selections have hit store shelves. Complete with pasta or rice, each of these has 230 - 330 calories, 2.5 - 9g fat, and 3 - 5g fiber per package. There's Shrimp Alfredo (POINTS® value 5*), Parmesan Crusted Fish (POINTS® value 6*), Tortilla Crusted Fish (POINTS® value 7*), and Szechuan Style Stir Fry with Shrimp (POINTS® value 4*). Look for 'em in the freezer aisle of your favorite market NOW!

Dreyer's/Edy's Limited Edition Fun Flavors - Exciting news, frozen-treat fans! FOUR of these new Fun Flavors have been spotted sporting some very impressive nutritional stats, even though they're not labeled "low-fat" or "light". The Dulce de Leche Caramel, Banana Split, Summer Peach Pie, and Nestlé Vanilla Sandwich ones each have 120 - 130 calories and 3 - 4g fat (POINTS® value 3*) per half-cup serving. Yee-haaaaa!
Insane Snack Alert! Insane Snack Alert!

Listen up, snack-chewers! We've got a crazy-amazing product find for you... About a week and a half ago, we started hearing from subscribers about 100-calorie Newtons Fruit Crisps. People were RAVING about them, so we ran out and scoured supermarket shelves for these things. OMG, they are INSANE! We are singling them out and giving them their own story because, quite frankly, they deserve it. We say these Fruit Crisps are the most unique 100-calorie item we've seen in 2008 (okay, possibly EVER). And we LOVE them (almost too much!). Now for our description... Each pack contains TWO large, flakey, crispy, fruit-filled rectangles of deliciousness that taste like the love child of a McDonald's baked pie and a Pop-Tart. Y-U-M! Both flavors -- Mixed Berry and Apple Cinnamon -- ROCK! Each 100-cal twin pack has just 2g fat and a POINTS® value of 2*. Run (don't walk, jog or skip) to your local market and buy them. And if you can't find these things, DEMAND them. Trust us on this one, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!
We Want to Elope with These Snacks!!!
We Want to Elope with These Snacks!!!
Fun Things and HG Updates...

BYOG (Bring Your Own Guilt-Free)! - According to emails that have been flooding in to the HG HQ, Hungry Girl potluck dinner parties are ALL THE RAGE. Wondering what one of those is all about? It's when you and a bunch of friends each whip up an HG dish and then get together to share 'em! SUPER-FUN! Here's a pic from HG subscriber Ali (she's in the blue & white top) -- she recently held one of these bashes in NY. Go, Ali!

Our Half-A-Million Contest UPDATE - We are getting closer and closer to the 500,000 subscriber mark, and that means we're getting closer to one of YOU (and a pal) winning FREE VITATOPS FOR A YEAR! Click here for the scoop...

Stolen Pants... Found?! - Nope! Sadly, Lisa's stolen dry cleaning has NOT been recovered and, as of yet, the thieves are still on the loose. Click here to watch the alarming (and sad) video of Lisa's beloved bottoms being whisked away by evil strangers at an Encino, CA cleaners. And email us if you recognize those thugs!
The Buzz...

Guess that "Blossom" isn't so "Awesome" after all! After years of serving the over-caloried freakish onion monstrosity, Chili's recently decided to yank its Awesome Blossom off the menu. Good thing we featured our own HG-ized version of it last week. Woohoo! ***Hey, beer-drinkers. You'll be happy to know that the limited availability MGD 64 (extra light beer from Miller with 64 calories per 12-oz. bottle) did so well in test markets, it's going national THIS FALL. Yay! ***A recent study suggests that more than half the population eats fast food once a week, and 20% of Americans eat it at least every other day. This is a reminder to keep checking fast food websites for nutritional info so you can make smarter choices (and our survival guides help, too!). That's all we've got. HG out!
Buh-Bye, Blossom!
Buh-Bye, Blossom!
Today is June 30th, and that means it's the last day of National Candy Month. Celebrate the ending of this sweet month with a 100-calorie pack of Swedish Fish. Yum!!!!
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