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Snack attack!  Swap these diet-disasters with some more reasonable replacements...

Starbucks Coffee Catastrophe!

SKIP IT!  Sure the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino® Blended Crème w/Whip sounds awesome, but 740 calories and 28g of fat for 24 oz. of liquid?  What kind of crazy person thinks that's a good idea?  One who enjoys pants with an elastic waistband, that's who!

SIP IT!  Still want a frozen coffee treat?  Opt for the Grande Espresso Frappuccino Light.  It tastes great and only has 140 calories.  But remember to skip the whipped cream 'cuz it adds over 100 calories to your frappe!

Costco Cravings...

BEAT IT!  Just because everything in the store is oversized, doesn't mean your snack has to be, too.  Warning!  Avoid the Kirkland Muffins at all costs -- especially the Maple one!  That overgrown hunk of fatty cake has 920 calories and 41g of fat!

EAT IT!  Don't wanna wait 'til you get home to eat?  Grab a Kirkland Frozen Yogurt (180-200 cal. and no fat) or a Berry Smoothie (200 calories, no fat).  Both are good choices -- and delicious!

Cold Stone Calamity!

BEAT IT!  Stopping at Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream snack?  Skip the candy-encrusted waffle cones and waffle bowls.  They each contain 390 calories, 20g of fat and 55 carbs -- and that's without the ice cream!  The worst frozen offender is the Cake Batter ice cream. Their "Gotta Have It" size has 980 calories and 54g of fat!  And don't even think about putting the two things together.  That would set you back 1,370 calories -- without mix-ins!

EAT IT!  It's not all bad news at the Cold Stone.  Their Sinless Sweet Cream "Like It" size has 170 calories and no fat at all.  Toss in some healthy stuff like cherries, blueberries and pineapple and you'll only add about 25 calories to your dish!  A perfect no-guilt ice cream treat!

September is National Honey Month. Want the taste of honey, but not all the sugar?  Try Agave Nectar.  The plant-derived sweetener looks and tastes like honey, but causes a much smaller rise in insulin levels (high insulin levels cause fat storage and increase your appetite).

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