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Protein-Packed and Thirst-Quenching!
Protein-Packed and Thirst-Quenching!
Spotted on Shelves...

Special K20 Protein Water Iced Tea - If you're looking for creative ways to get your protein and you don't mind water with calories, you'll dig this stuff. It tastes good, and there are 5 protein grams packed into each bottle. Wow, that IS special! Each bottle has 50 calories, 12g carbs, and 5g fiber (POINTS® value 0*).

100 Calorie Packs Oreo Snack Cakes - We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for these fluffy little cookie-inspired 100-cal items to hit store shelves. And rumor has it, they have! Get excited, cake-lovers! Each pack has 4g fat, 15g carbs, and <1g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). And we hear a Nilla version is on the way!

Jimmy Dean D-Lights Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowls - If you're the type that likes your hot breakfast in a bowl, instead of piled high on an english muffin or shoved into a tortilla, check out the latest from Jimmy Dean. Egg whites, reduced-fat cheese, turkey sausage, potatoes... all in a nukable bowl. The bowls each have 230 calories, 7g fat, 19g carbs, and 2g fiber (POINTS® value 5*). Not bad! And we've been making our own versions of these at home for years...
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Taking polls is fun. Clicking on things. Making choices. People caring about your opinions. It's a good time. And so, we've got a little polling excitement for you. We want to know what you think about some KEY HG topics pertaining to our emails and our next book (yes, we said NEXT BOOK -- it'll be out in the spring of '09, and we are extremely excited about it!). So take a few short minutes out of your busy day (and we know you are SWAMPED!) to answer our Qs. We REALLY appreciate it and will love you forever and ever if you respond. We promise the poll will be interesting, compelling, intelligent, and not even a tiny bit boring. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK right NOW, NOW, NOW! Thank you!!!! You're going to help make all things HG even BETTER. XOXOXO.
Our Latest Poll. Everyone's Taking It!
Our Latest Poll. Everyone's Taking It!
Hamburger Havoc!
Hamburger Havoc!
Burger Bonanza! Best Bets Vs. Meaty Monstrosities...

If you EVER eat burgers out, you NEED to take a look at this fairly comprehensive list of nutritionals from a bazillion restaurant chains (fast food and sit-down). It may shock you. It may FREAK you out. And it may pleasantly surprise you (though that last one isn't likely). In any case, you have to find out how many calories are in our country's popular hamburgers. Here are a few highlights (or should we say, lowlights)...

Chili's Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger without side of Jalapeño-Ranch Dressing - 1,840 calories!!!

Johnny Rockets Bacon Double Cheddar Burger - 1,400 calories!!!

T.G.I. Friday's Jack Daniel's Burger - 1,540 calories!!! 

Red Robin A.1. Peppercorn Burger - 1,440 calories!!!

Okay, has your curiosity been piqued? Click here. And one little bit of info. When we crave a burger, we opt for a single from In-N-Out -- protein style with grilled onions, and ketchup & mustard instead of the regular sauce. That burger only has 160 calories -- so low that we've been known to swallow two at once (taking the time to chew them, of course!).
The Buzz...

If you're a fan of Sharon's Sorbet and you haven't checked the labels in a while, you may be surprised to learn that several of the fruit-flavored sorbets -- which used to have 70 - 90 calories per half-cup serving -- now have 80 - 130 calories. According to the folks at Sharon's, they reformulated their sorbets months ago to make them sweeter and to improve the texture... thus the extra calories. But we also learned they're planning to reformulate AGAIN very soon, making the switch from corn syrup to brown rice syrup -- and they suspect calorie counts may go back down a bit! We'll keep you updated. ***Hey, Starbucks morning visitors! The Bucks wants you back so badly, they'll give you a deal by offering you a $2 beverage after 2PM! Just show up with a receipt from that AM, and you can get any Grande iced drink for just two bucks! Woohoo! ***Speaking of coffee, did you know that drinking a caffeinated beverage after a workout could help refuel your muscles? It's true, according to recent research. Click here to read more about how ingesting caffeine with your carbs could help your muscles after exercise.***OOOH, did you know that we're SNACK, er, SMACK in the middle of moving to brand-new groovy HG offices? It's true! And some of our favorite food peeps have decided to join in on the excitement and nourish us while we transport our items to our new home. So what's keeping us energized and full? South Beach Living bars, Kim's Light Bagels, Lightfull smoothies, and Pizza Fit 'n Free. Yum! More info, pics of the new place, and special offers from those sponsors coming soon. Woohoo! That's all we've got. HG out!
Chilling News from Sharon's!
Chilling News from Sharon's!
Today, August 25th, is National Banana Split Day. Do NOT miss tomorrow's crazy-good recipe!!!
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