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Fish-tastic Fun... Weeeee!
Fish-tastic Fun... Weeeee!
Spotted on Shelves...

Starkist Salmon Creations, Mango Chipotle - We're not usually that into pouched salmon, but this stuff is pretty great. You can taste sweet mango in every bite, AND there's a nice chipotle kick here, too. Each pouch contains about two 1/4-cup servings, and each serving has 60 calories, 1g fat, 2g carbs, and 0g fiber (POINTS® value 1*). Pssst -- we also spied Albacore Creations in Tomato Pesto. Schmancy!

Kraft Reduced Fat Mayonnaise with Olive Oil - If you refuse to give up your mayo, here's a new option for you. This one's made with olive oil and has half the fat and calories of regular mayo. A tbsp. of this stuff has 45 calories, 4g fat, 2g carbs, and 0g fiber (POINTS® value 1*). Not too bad!

Welch's Dried Fruit in 90-Calorie Pouches - We're always telling you to avoid dried fruit. Why? Because it's hard to keep portions in check, and calories typically rack up quickly. These 90-calorie packs are the exception. You get real dried fruit here, peeps -- not FREEZE-DRIED (not that there's anything wrong with freeze-dried -- you know we love it!). These things come in three varieties and include fun fruits like mango, cherries, and pineapple. Each pouch contains 0g fat, 21 - 22g carbs, and <1 - 1g fiber (POINTS® value 2*).
Lose for Good... LITERALLY!

Listen up. If you're thinking about joining Weight Watchers this fall, here's a perfect excuse (not that you need an excuse to enroll in the fantabulous WW!). Beginning September 7th (that was yesterday for the calendar-challenged), and continuing all the way until October 18th, the Double W will donate the cost of one pound of food for every pound lost (up to a MILLION DOLLARS) to two fantastic hunger-fighting organizations -- Share Our Strength (its goal is to ensure that no child in America grows up hungry) and Action Against Hunger (helps hungry people around the world). Check out NOW to get healthier and help others in need. And go, WW. You guys continue to ROCK!
Lose Weight & Help the Hungry!
Lose Weight & Help the Hungry!
Ready to Rumble!
Ready to Rumble!
Soup Wars... IT'S ON!

Oh, baby! Have you seen that Campbell's has completely RIPPED OFF Progresso's whole "light soup" concept? Whoa -- they even have a slew of the same EXACT flavors as P-Light. They use similar cans, have the SAME microwaveable containers, and even feature Weight Watchers POINTS® values on the labels. More light soups on shelves is good news for everyone (especially us, because we LOVE soup!). But we tell it like it is... so here's the deal. (Oooh, exciting -- a mini review right in the middle of our news!) Compared to Progresso Light, the new Campbell's Select Harvest Light soups have similar calorie and fat counts -- some are even lower -- and they contain more natural ingredients, less sodium for the most part, and no MSG (all GREAT things!). BUT Progresso Light soups taste WAY better. We actually did a side-by-side taste test of our two favorite varieties of P-Light, the Southwestern-Style Vegetable and the Italian-Style Vegetable, with the Campbell's versions. Progresso Light kicked Campbell's Select Harvest Light's butt. It wasn't even CLOSE. So, if it's fresher taste and more distinguishable flavors you're after, Progresso is the way to go. Sadly, Campbell's versions, while not bad, taste a little like a "canny" mishmash of flavors. If you want Campbell's soups, stick with the Soup at Hand cups (those are fun -- and ORIGINAL!).
The Buzz...

Oh, Baja Bob, you GENIUS, you! You've conjured up zero-calorie, on-the-go margarita mixes we can stash in our purses (in Original and Mango!). Whip these out at any bar, cocktail party, or poolside occasion, and shake up guilt-free margaritas. AHHHHHH, this is exciting. Click here to order these online. ***In case you haven't heard, Starbucks recently unveiled a SLEW of better-for-you b-fast items, including an energy bar, hot oatmeal, an apple bran muffin, a protein plate, and MORE. ***Look what we found! It's called Drank, and it's the OPPOSITE of an energy drink -- an "extreme relaxation beverage"! Yeah it's funny, but it has a lot of calories, so you're better off just clicking on the link for a chuckle than actually drinking it. ***Looking for yet another book filled with healthy recipes? Check out the latest from our close, personal pal Jonny Bowden. His new release, The Healthiest Meals on Earth, is packed with fantastic info, gorgeous photos, and lots of delicious recipes. We heart Jonny. He's a good man! ***We wanna know... who are YOU voting for this year? No, we're not getting all political on you. We're talking about Taste Debate '08, the ultimate battle between cake and muffins. Brought to you by the wonderful folks behind Hostess 100 Calorie Packs. May the best-tasting candidate win. (Pssst... you may be slightly weirded out by their giant baked heads -- don't say we didn't warn you!) That's all we've got. HG out!
Margarita Alert!!!
Margarita Alert!!!
EXCITING HG ALERT!!! Our FIRST-EVER Hungry Girl Video Short will launch TOMORROW! Keep an eye out for our special email with all the details. (And don't forget to tell us how you like it!)
Today, September 8th, is National Date Nut Bread Day. This holiday was not originally created for you to go on a date with nut bread. But considering the calories in the stuff, you may actually be better off taking a slice of nut bread to a movie than consuming date nut bread. Just a thought...
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