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I love your recipes so much. Which do you think are HG's most underrated recipes and/or best-kept secret recipes?

Dear Recipe-Obsessed,

Thank you!!! I'm so glad you're a fan of HG recipes. The daily emails are filled with so much information, and it all gets archived at But quite often, AMAZING recipes are sent out and wind up buried on the website. I do love ALL HG recipes. There's not a chance that any recipe would run in an HG email or book if I didn't love it. But there are definitely some I love more than others and a few that I feel are not nearly as popular as they should be. Here are a bunch that I think should be brought to your attention -- and if you haven't tried 'em, YOU REALLY SHOULD! Now these are not my FAVORITE recipes ever -- they're just ones that don't get as much attention as they deserve. And they all taste GREAT...

Veggie-rific Noodle-Free Lasagna - Tastes exactly like lasagna, only... NO NOODLES! INSANE!

Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt - I'm an iced coffee junkie, and I think this is my best iced coffee recipe!

Rockin' Tuna Noodle Casserole - Even if you THINK you have no interest in tuna noodle casserole (or Tofu Shirataki), TRY IT!!!!

Grab 'n Go Breakfast Cookies - Normally I don't encourage eating cookies for breakfast, but these are an exception -- they're packed with so many good things!

Sweet Cinnamon Fritter Fries - No words can describe the deliciousness of these things.

There you go. Now try them all!!!

Hey Hungry Girl,

Is there any way you can find out the nutritional information for those tiny containers of non-refrigerated liquid half & half you see in offices? There's no info on either the individual packages or the big box they come in. Thanks!

Creamer Quandary
Dear Creamer Quandary,

No worries. I have sources. ;) Those itty bitty containers of half & half have around 20 calories, 1.75 grams of fat, and 0.5g carbs (POINTS® value 1*). That doesn't sound bad, but keep in mind each one contains just about one tablespoon of the stuff. So if you can stick to one, great. But if you can't resist dumping 3 - 4 containers into your morning coffee, watch out. Without thinking, you could easily add 80 calories and 7g fat to your cup. And wanna hear something even MORE shocking? The same amount of most FAT-FREE flavored liquid creamers (like the ones by Coffee-mate and International Delight) contains 25 - 30 calories and 4 - 7g carbs (POINTS® value 1*). And it's WAY too easy to add too much of that stuff from the giant container! Consider yourself warned! And for some helpful coffee tips and tricks, click here -- lots of great info there!

Today, September 24th, is National Cherries Jubilee Day. We don't have a recipe for this flaming, liqueur-doused dessert, but click here for some of our cherry best!
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