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Dear Hungry Girl,

Does smoked salmon lose any health benefits during processing, or is it just as good for you as baked or broiled salmon?

-- Wondering in Whitestone

Dear Wondering,

Awesome Question!  As a salmon lover myself, I was very interested in finding out the answer.  And my findings are LOX-TASTIC!  Turns out smoked salmon is just as chock-full of heart-healthy nutrients as grilled or baked salmon.  Not only is smoked salmon a good choice, it may actually smoke its grilled and boiled counterparts.  For example, while grilled salmon has 176 calories per 100 grams, smoked salmon has 142.  And smoked fish retains more nutrients than boiled fish, which can lose up to half its minerals during cooking.  The truth is, any form of salmon will provide you with a good dose of protein and Omega 3s, so enjoy!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I want to try a new diet plan. I've tried Atkins and South Beach and I find them both too restrictive. I am also not disciplined enough to write down everything I eat, so I wasn't able to count points and follow Weight Watchers.  Got any ideas?  I'm desperate!

-- In Need of a Plan

Dear In Need,

I know how you feel. While a plan can keep you disciplined and on track, many of them are too restrictive and frustrating to actually stick to.  I myself have had problems following some of the more strict and often unreasonable (c'mon, no fruit?!?) ones.  Don't get discouraged, though.  Weight Watchers' new Core Plan might be just the plan for you! On "Core," you're allowed to eat certain foods until you are satisfied. Core foods include (but are not limited to) lean meats, fruits, veggies, soups, some non-fat dairy, popcorn (the very low fat kind) and controlled amounts of certain whole grains and starches.  And you don't have to count points or write things down.  Worried cause you don't see ice cream or pizza on that list?  Freak NOT!  The plan gives you 35 Flex Points a week to use on whatever you want!  So no need to forego your old faves -- like Fit & Free Pizza, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches or low fat snack chips.  People really seem to love this plan.   If you've tried it, email me and let me know what you think.

Today, September 22, is National White Chocolate Day. We'll be celebrating with a small size Doctor's CarbRite White Chocolate Bar!

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