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Dannon Really Will Help You Get "Light & Fit!"

Want a free two week gym membership?  It may be as easy as buying a few containers of yummy yogurt!  If you visit a participating store and purchase  either two four-packs of Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt or ten cups of any Dannon Light & Fit product, you'll be eligible for a free two-week guest pass at one of  5,000  health clubs!   For details, check out  The promotion will run from October 1 through the end of the year.  By the way, it takes the average person about 15 minutes  on the treadmill (at a pace of 3mph) to burn off the calories in one container of nonfat Light & Fit Yogurt.

Good News for Fruits & Nuts!

This month's edition of the Journal of American Medicine features a study that suggests a diet rich in fruits, walnuts,  whole grains, veggies, legumes & olive oil could keep heart disease and diabetes at bay.  The study, conducted in Italy, reveals that a diet packed with these foods, is effective in reducing metabolic syndrome -- which enhances the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  We hope this inspires McDonald's to make their formerly test-marketed (and very delicious) Fruit & Walnut salad available nationwide.

Fight for Your Light!

Sad news.  Last week, Interstate Bakeries, the country's largest wholesale baker, filed for bankruptcy protection.  Seems the baking geniuses behind Hostess Snack Cakes & Wonder Bread are running low dough, because so many people have been dodging cakes, rolls and other flour-based items lately.  The company, which has 33,000 workers, will re-organize, and, in the meantime, promises to continue to bake and deliver their products without missing a beat.  Show your support -- buy lots of Wonder light breads and buns!

Carb Lovers Strike Back!

Three bagel-lovin' Los Angeles-based chickies are doing their part to combat the low carb trend. They've launched a web site that hawks a line of fun pro-carb items featuring flour-lovin' slogans like "I heart carbs," "Carb Queen" and "Be a Man. Eat Bread."  Clever stuff, but a visit to the site made us wonder something....if these shirts are for die-hard bread-chewers, how come both the men's and women's tees only go up to a size large?

Today, September 27th, is National Chocolate Milk Day.  Instead of chocolate milk, why not celebrate with some 70 calorie Yoo Hoo Lite?  It's for sale at a Wal-Mart Supercenter near you!

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