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Dear Hungry Girl,

I live in a dorm and usually end up eating sandwiches because they're convenient. I mostly eat chicken and tuna salad sandwiches -- made with mayo, of course!  Any other ideas for how to make tuna, egg or chicken salad taste good, without using fatty mayonnaise?

-- Mayo Maven

Dear Mayo Maven,

Believe it or not, chicken salad and tuna salad can be calorie-packed fatfests.   In fact, a tuna salad sandwich can easily have more fat & calories than a roast beef & cheese sandwich!  Why?   Because healthy sources of lean protein become diet-busters when they're combined with blobs of fatty mayonnaise.  Try mixing chicken or tuna with the MVP in my kitchen, Dijonnaise!  This delicious mustard/mayo combo has just five calories a serving and tastes  just as creamy as real mayo.   If you don't want to ditch mayonnaise completely, try using the fat free kind.  It's not bad--especially if you mix it with mustard or ketchup.   In addition to swapping condiments, you should think about investing in a mini fridge for your dorm.  Pack it with lean lunch meats like turkey, chicken breast and lean ham, and you'll have the makings for healthy, delicious sandwiches.

Dear Hungry Girl,

Any suggestions for great diet-friendly tortilla chips?  I don't like Wow Chips (Olestra...Yuck!) and I'm not a fan of Baked Tostitos.

-- Tortilla Trina

Dear Trina,

I happen to enjoy Baked Tostitos, but since you  don't like them, I won't push the issue.  Another one of my favorite chip brands is Guiltless Gourmet.  They make terrific fat free tortilla chips in fun flavors -- like Blue Corn, Red Corn, Spicy Black Bean, Chipotle, Chili Lime & more.  These chips are AWESOME.  The company also has a new line of Guiltless Carb chips.  I haven't tried them yet, but the stats look great--lower carbs and just 3g of fat per serving.  I am a huge fan of Guiltless Gourmet products in general -- even their bean dips are delicious (and their hummus has only 1.5 grams of fat)...Yay!

September is National Cholesterol Awareness Month.  Avoid egg yolks like the plague.

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