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See Hungry Girl in Print!

Exciting news!!!  Hungry Girl is featured in People Magazine's special Your Diet issue, which hits newsstands today!  We were major fans of this magazine when the first issue came out this past summer, 'cuz it was packed with diet news, info & tips.  The new issue is even better.  And not just because we're in it -- it's got recipes, weight loss secrets and even a Holiday Survival Guide.  Check out the Hungry Girl article on page 8, in the "News & Trends" section.  Since you already subscribe to HG, you're obviously a trendsetter!  SO GO GET THIS MAGAZINE!  WE'RE IN IT!  YAY!

Beachin' It With Kraft

Kraft is going to the beach.  This fall, they're teaming up with Dr. Arthur Agaston and The South Beach Diet.  Starting next month, a whole slew of popular Kraft foods will sport "South Beach Diet Recommended" badges.  Some products that will proudly display these fancy "stamps of approval" are Boca Burgers, Oscar Mayer deli meats, Kraft 2% and Fat Free Singles (cheese) and more!  By the way, if you're unfamiliar with the South Beach Diet, check it out online at  Other than the two week fruit-free phase one (we heart fruit), it's a sensible plan.

Loser Alert!

NBC will debut the latest weight-loss related reality show on October 19th. "The Biggest Loser" tries to help overweight people lose weight the old fashioned way -- without surgery.  There are, however, plenty of  TV cameras, Hollywood trainers and fancy diet plans floating around.  Caroline Rhea hosts this show, which will have all the elements of other reality shows -- gender-based teams, a weekly elimination, temptation (which on this show include cakes and pies, not oiled-up bikini-clad hotties).  At the end of the competition, the biggest LOSER wins...$250,000, a newly slimmed-down physique and a lifetime supply of  Häagen-Dazs.  (Ok, we're kidding about the ice cream.)

Let's Hear It For the Soy!

A recent study suggests that eating soy-rich products can help prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body.  The study found that isoflavones, found almost exclusively in soy foods, inhibited the invasion and spread of breast cancer cells.  Long story short: soy is good.  Some terrific sources of  it are soy milk, soy meat-replacements, soy desserts and soy muffins & pasta!

Today, October 4th, is National Taco Day. Whip up guilt-free tacos using ground white turkey meat, fat free cheese, fresh veggies & low carb tortillas!

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