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I want to start eating more oatmeal, because I know it's good for me. Do you have any recipes for oatmeal that don't involve eating it out of a bowl? I am trying to figure out how to get an oatmeal fix on the run. I don't get up early enough to make it and then sit down and eat a bowl of it. Anything you have would be a great help! Thanks!

Bowl-Free Oatmeal Girl
Dear BFOG,

YES!!! Our Grab 'n Go Breakfast Cookies are ideal for you. They're pretty large, and each one contains oats (plus whole wheat and fruit) and has great nutritional stats -- 154 calories, 1.5g fat, and 5g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). They're SO GOOD! Make a batch at night, and you've got super-quick breakfast for a few days. Click & scroll for the recipe. Also, Quaker makes "Oatmeal to Go" bars. (Those are a better option for you than Quaker's Breakfast Cookies, because the bars provide more of the health benefits associated with oatmeal.) The bars are good but pretty sweet -- and slightly small for the 210 - 220 calories (and POINTS® value of 4*) in each one. Still, they're DEFINITELY convenient and give you the same health benefits as a bowl of oatmeal. Try out our recipe and/or those bars and see what you think. Good luck and I hope all of your oatmeal wishes come true!!!

Hungry Girl,

I LOVE Rachael Ray's "Cowboy Spaghetti," but I know it has TONS of fat and calories. Any way to HG-ify it?

Cravin' Cowboy Spaghetti
Dear Cravin',

Rachael's Cowboy Spaghetti recipe is famous and can be found on the Food Network website. (Click here for the recipe.) It's made with a slew of ingredients -- some that are good for you and/or low in calories and fat (onions, garlic, tomato sauce, hot sauce, fire-roasted tomatoes, etc.) and some that are questionable in the calorie and/or fat departments (spaghetti, sirloin, bacon, cheese, oil, etc.). There are definitely ways to lighten this recipe up. You can pick and choose which ingredients to swap. Swap as many or as few as you like, and your nutritionals will vary accordingly. Here goes...

* Swap regular spaghetti for whole-wheat spaghetti or Tofu Shirataki noodles.
* Use Pam Olive Oil spray instead of olive oil.
* Swap out the ground sirloin for ground-beef-style soy crumbles or lean ground turkey.
* Trade the regular cheddar for fat-free or reduced-fat cheddar cheese.
* Use precooked real crumbled bacon (a little goes a long way) or lean turkey bacon slices instead of regular bacon slices.

We experimented in the HG kitchen, and the results were REALLY good. We made two different batches -- one with 8 oz. whole-wheat pasta and one with 3 bags Tofu Shirataki noodles. (Rachael's recipe calls for a full pound of pasta, but that's A LOT for a 4-serving recipe. We had no shortage of noodles in our dishes!) In both versions we also used these swaps: the olive oil spray, lean ground turkey, fat-free cheese, and crumbled bacon. Yum! We halved the amount of cheese, since the original recipe calls for topping each serving with a HALF-CUP of cheese shreds. The HG version made with whole-wheat pasta has about 500 calories and 10g fat (POINTS® value 10*) per serving. Our Tofu Shirataki one has about 335 calories and 10g fat (POINTS® value 7*) per serving. A serving of the original recipe has about 950 calories and 33g fat (POINTS® value 21*)! Even if you make one of our versions using the full pound of spaghetti and the entire amount of cheese called for in Rachael's recipe, you're still saving a couple hundred calories and more than 20g fat per serving with our swaps. Have more recipes from celebrity chefs that you'd like to see lightened up? Send 'em in! Yours could be featured in an upcoming email -- I'll tell you how to make it WAY lower in fat and calories. Click here to take our impromptu poll on this very subject. (Come on, it'll be fun!)

Today, March 18th, is National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day. (What a coincidence!) Why not celebrate with an "unlacy" (yet completely delicious) oatmeal cookie instead? Try one of our Grab 'n Go Breakfast Cookies or Oatmeal Raisin Softies!
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