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The Latest Loveable Links!
The Latest Loveable Links!
Spotted on Shelves...

Morningstar Farms Veggie Italian Sausage - Mamma mia! This totally meat-free sausage tastes like the real deal -- minus the oozy grease. Each hot-dog-sized link has 120 calories, 6g fat, 7g carbs, 1g fiber, and 10g protein (POINTS® value 3*). Woohoo!

Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Bar - It's about time those Luna-tics over there came out with a white-chocolate-macadamia-flavored bar. We can assure you it was worth the wait. This delicious bar has 190 calories, 7g fat, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, and 9g protein (POINTS® value 4*). Two yums up!!!

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Artisan Creations, Fajita Chicken Stone-Fired Crust Pizza - The folks at Smart Ones have got a slew of new frozen food items hitting shelves these days. This is the one that looks most interesting to us. With grilled white-meat chicken and fire-roasted veggies, this personal-sized pizza has 380 calories, 7g fat, 58g carbs, 4g fiber, and 21g protein (POINTS® value 7). Now if only they'd send us some to chew...
WIN $1,000 in Guilt-Free Groceries from the Momlogic Community and, Um, US!!!!

Yes, we're sure you're all JAZZED about the new HG book and all, but how COOL would it be to win a THOUSAND BUCKS' worth of guilt-free groceries!? UHHHH, we can answer that -- it would be VERY cool. Well, thanks to our pals over at mega mom-site Momlogic, you now have a chance to win that fabulous prize. It's super-easy to enter. Just join the "We Heart Hungry Girl" group in the Momlogic community, and reply to the discussion post "What's YOUR Favorite Hungry Girl Tip, Trick or Recipe?" by 5/29/09 at noon ET -- you'll automatically be entered to WIN $1,000 in gift cards for groceries! YEEE-HAAAA! (HG TIP: If you don't want to receive frequent group updates by email, just click "Stop Following" on the group page after joining.) In addition to the ginormous grand prize, 20 people will win copies of Hungry Girl 200 Under 200. SWEET! The "We Heart Hungry Girl" group sounds pretty cool, anyhow, so even if there weren't a chance to win stuff, we'd still recommend checking it out. Winners will be announced on June 1st. Good luck, people!
Win $1,000 in Guilt-Free Food... Yay!!!
Win $1,000 in Guilt-Free Food... Yay!!!
Free Ice Cream Cones = Happiness.
Free Ice Cream Cones = Happiness.
Bargains and FREE Stuff!

Mark your calendars for TOMORROW, April 21st...

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day! - From noon to 8pm this Tuesday (4/21), get a free scoop of your favorite flavor! Or try a new flavor... totally your call. We recommend choosing something guilt-free and delicious -- check out our picks here (click & scroll)! And to find a participating location near you, click here.

Dunkin' Donuts 50-Cent Iced Coffee! - No, they're not selling lame-o miniature cups of java for 50 cents. On 4/21/09, a.k.a. all-day Iced Coffee Day, you can get a 16-oz. iced coffee at participating DD locations for just a couple of quarters! For every 50-cent cup sold, the double D will donate 10% of the purchase price to Homes for Our Troops (a non-profit organization that builds homes for severely injured veterans). We love Dunkin' Donuts coffee AND discounts. Hooray for cheapie coffee for a cause!
The Buzz...

Our all-new survival-guide audio book is on iTunes! How cool is THAT?! Now you can listen to HG's advice for any eating occasion in advance (or on the way!). Click here to download it! And starting tomorrow, there'll be a FREE download available of the "Casual Parties" section. YAY! ***Speaking of new HG releases, do you own and LOVE our latest cookbook, Hungry Girl 200 Under 200? We'll love YOU forever if you click here and post a review about it! ***Our friend Charles Stuart Platkin, a.k.a. the Diet Detective, is launching his very own TV show on WE tv called I Want to Save Your Life! It premieres this Saturday (4/25) -- tune in and check it out, and click here for a sneak peek! Charles is a GREAT guy and a real HG pal. ***Awwww, look how completely adorable this dad/cook is! His name's Rob and he has a "Cooking for Dads" show online. He put together this fun video of himself making our Stuffed Chick Cordon Bleu. He ROCKS! (So does the cordon bleu.) ***Ooh, pop-up poll! An unidentified HG food friend needs your opinion on some food-related stuff! (We know who it is, of course, but we can't say!) We're sure you LOOOOVE to speak your mind, so click here now to take a little food-related survey. ***April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Kraft is celebrating by giving out 500 coupons every week this month for free Kraft Singles. (That means you've still got 1,000 chances to win.) Check it out! And also check out our snazzy grilled cheese & bacon recipe. That's all we've got. HG out!
We're on iTunes! We've Arrived!
We're on iTunes! We've Arrived!
Today, April 20th, is National Lima Bean Respect Day. Do NOT disrespect the lima bean on this day or any day, people. DO NOT.
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