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Here are our favorite food finds for October!

Boca Chunky Tomato & Herb Lasagna

If you're like us, you've spent a large part of your life trying to escape the evil clutches of Lasagna.  Now, thanks to our friends at Boca, you no longer have to run screaming from this Italian favorite.  The latest soytastic product to invade Bocaland is Chunky Tomato & Herb Lasagna.  Imagine eating a 10.5 oz. serving of cheese, sauce, noodles and "meat" (ok, soy that tastes like meat) all for 270 calories and 5 grams of fat (plus 5g of fiber).  You can!  And we recommend you do -- because this is the most awesomely delicious frozen lasagna we've ever tasted.  No kidding.  Available where Boca products are sold.

The Laughing Cow Light Gourmet Cheese Bites

Everyone loves those Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedges.  They're so popular, in fact, that sometimes they're completely sold out and nearly impossible to track down. Now, that silly, giggling heiffer is up to even more shenanigans.  She's selling cuter, tinier versions of these cheese hunks -- and they're in cube form!  You can have FIVE of these dairylicious squares for the same amount of fat and calories that are in just ONE regular size wedge.  That means each cuddly cheese cube has just 7 calories and a half a gram of fat. adorable (and diet-friendly)!

Q-Smart Snack Crisps

We're tough critics when it comes to low carb snack crisps.  So many of them are dry and awful.  But we almost passed out (from joy) after tasting new Q-Smart Snack Crisps.  For starters, they're little itty bitty,  so 47 of them are in a serving.  We love that!  Both flavors -- Zesty Ranch and Savory Cheddar -- are fantastic!  And each serving of these light, crispy, crunchy critters has just 120 calories, about 4g of fat and 6g net carbs.  These perfect snackettes are packed with protein, too (14g).  Hungry Girl Heads Up:  These crisps are brand new, hard to find and are selling out FAST.  So if you find them, stock up!

CarbWell Cookies & Creme Snack Bars

We were hesitant to try any of the CarbWell products because in the past we've had some frightening experiences with low carb cookies and chocolate (they were horrible).  But we broke down and sampled CarbWell's Cookies & Creme Snack Bars because they reminded us of fudge covered Oreos (our ultimate fantasy). These bars are a fudge-covered dream come true.  They're somewhat high in fat (6g), and only 100 calories, so the fat/calorie ratio isn't ideal.  However, there are 3g of fiber in each bar and they taste so awesome that we decided to give these cookie treats our stamp of approval.  Just don't make a habit of eating these -- try to save them for special occasions. (And no, any day that ends in "day" isn't a special occasion.)


October is National Apple Month.  The average American eats 65 fresh apples per year.

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