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Bottoms up!  It's a Hungry Girl cocktail party & you're invited...

Magnificent Must-Haves! 

Sugar Free Syrups - Torani sugar free syrups help make awesome guilt-free cocktails.

Baja Bobs Mixers - Bob is the king of diet-friendly mixers.  The best are the Mai Tai, Bloody Mary & Pina Colada.

Diet Sodas - Diet 7-Up, Diet Dr. Pepper & Diet Rite White Grape & Red Raspberry are our personal faves. Fruity-licious!

Light Juices - Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Cocktail, Tropicana Light & Langer's Diet Ruby Red are all terrific!

Only 80 Calories!

4 oz. 7-Up Plus Soda
1 oz. Sugar Free Raspberry Torani Syrup
1 oz. Vodka

Shake with ice. Pour into cute martini glass.    Drink up!

An Apple a Day...

Love Anheuser-Busch's low-carb Black Cherry Bacardi Silver? Good news! Bacardi is releasing a new low-carb Green Apple flavor this month. This new apple-tastic creation has just 4.5 carbs and 94 calories in each 12 oz. bottle. (FYI, the regular Bacardi Silver drinks have 225 calories & 32 carbs!)

Don't Drink & Drive!

Curious as to how many drinks you can have before your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit? This handy calculator will help you figure all that out.  Just put in your weight (and this is one place you don't want to lie about it), gender, type of drink, etc. and it'll spit out the digits!

Cocktail Shockers!
(Find more at

- Fridays Frozen Mudslide: Freeze! Put down the Mudslide. That giant glass of chilled lard will make your pants call 911 for help! This icy concoction contains about 1100 calories and 53g of fat!

- Brandon and Will's Coke Float Recipe: We don't know who Brandon and Will are, but these calorie-pushin' clowns have created a float that has over 725 calories and 92 carbs!

- Butterfinger: Don't lay a finger on this Butterfinger. One of these creamy cocktails will set you back 528 calories and 39 carbs.

A new study suggests that drinking one or two glasses of wine or beer a day can help build strong bones.

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