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Magically Nutritious?

General Mills, the makers of healthy breakfast classics like Cheerios, Wheat Chex and Total have decided to go the extra mile and kick some of their other cereals up a notch as far as health is concerned.  Sweet favorites like Trix, Golden Grahams and even the marshmallow-infested Lucky Charms will all go whole grain!  Recent studies suggest that a diet packed with whole grains can possibly prevent cancer and heart disease.  General Mills feels confident that their new healthy cereal recipes will help boost soggy cereal sales caused by America's recent anti-carb craze.  Finally, an excuse to eat orange stars, pink hearts & green clovers!

Soup's On!

If you can believe it, Progresso's selection of awesome diet-friendly soups is getting even better.  The makers of the fantabulous 99% Fat Free New England Clam Chowder recently announced a new Carb Monitor soup line.  These healthy soups are packed with fresh veggies and lean meats, and are completely devoid of carby and starchy add-ins like rice, noodles and potatoes.  Calories are cut, carbs saved -- and they taste delicious!  In two words:  Progresso rocks!

Kraft's Labeling News

Great news!  Kraft will be the first company to serve up clear, realistic labels that offer nutritional info not just per serving, but for the entire package.  This new labelling policy may help clear-up confusion about how many calories, carbs & fat grams a person consumes in the real world (we'd like to meet the tiny family that actually gets 11 servings out of a bag of chips).  Some products that'll carry these new labels are Ritz Chips Big Bag, Planters Big Bag packages, some Nabisco cookies and crackers, and Capri Sun Refreshers.  Let's hope other companies follow Kraft's lead.

Finding This Pizza is as Easy as Pie

Fans of popular Heavens' Bistro Pizza may not have to search as hard for their pizza fix.  The frozen pie company has inked a deal with some major supermarket chains.  Now you can find their lowfat Chicken Sausage, Turkey Pepperoni, Three Cheese, BBQ Chicken and Grilled Vegetable frozen pizzas in Kroger and King Soopers.  Thank Heaven! (C'mon, how else could we end this one?)

Today, October 11, is National Sausage Pizza Day. If you feel the need to take part in the festivities, see above.  Or for even lower-cal pizza, assemble your own using Pizza Fit & Free & some lowfat sausage!

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