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Hi, HG!

BBQ season's here! I love grilling up chicken, Boca burgers, low-cal hot dogs, etc., but I'm not great about eating my protein on a plate (without bread). I need options -- things more exciting than plain light bread. I was sad to see the Wonder Light Buns go away, and it's SO hard for me to find other light buns. What'cha got for me, Hungry Girl?

Breadless in Seattle
Dear Breadless,

Worry not! Even though Wonder has discontinued its light buns, there are a lot of great low-calorie options out there. Here are some good ones I use all the time...

1. Arnold Select/Oroweat Sandwich Thins - These are like flat buns that taste great and are a fantastic alternative to hamburger buns. Pepperidge Farm also has a very similar product called Deli Flats. Both products have 100 calories each. I also like to use half of one as a hotdog bun. These are AMAZING!

2. Light/100-Calorie English Muffins - Thomas' 100-Calorie Original, Thomas' Light Multi Grain, Western Bagel Alternative, the kinds by Weight Watchers and Fiber One... ALL great options for hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and more. Nature's Own recently rolled out a 100 Calorie Multi Grain option, as well. There are SO many 100-calorie English muffins out there now -- check shelves for low-fat ones with lots of fiber.

3. High-Fiber, Low-Calorie Tortillas - Use 80-calorie La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Low Carb High Fiber tortillas to make light burger wraps. You can even cut the tortillas in half and roll your hot dogs in 'em. They're GREAT! Flatout Light Wraps are another great choice -- only 90 calories in each of those.

4. High-Fiber, Low-Calorie Pita Pockets - The ones by Weight Watchers and Western Bagel Alternative are both great. Stuff a burger or some grilled chicken inside with veggies and condiments. Mmmm!

There you go! BTW, all of my picks above are low in fat and high in fiber, and they each have a POINTS® value of 1*. Now you don't have to eat your grilled protein on a plate. Happy chewing!!!


I absolutely LOVE every recipe that I have tried so far from the 200 Under 200 cookbook. However, I want to try the Green Tea Creme Swappuccino but cannot find that matcha green tea powder that the recipe calls for. I've seen the liquid kind but not the powder. Any idea where I can find some? Thanks so much!

Tea Me Please
Dear Tea Me,

You're not alone... A lot of people have emailed in saying they're having trouble finding matcha green tea powder. So I decided to address it in today's email. While you probably won't find this stuff at most supermarkets, it is sold at some specialty tea shops, Asian markets, and select supermarkets. You can also order it online. Here are a few links to ones sold on the web.

Teavana Matcha Green Tea - Click here to order it online, and click here to search for store locations.

Gotcha Matcha Cafe Grade Matcha Tea - Cute name, isn't it? Click here to order.

Vita Life Matcha Green Tea Powder - Great deal if you plan on making a lot of Swappuccinos!

Once you have your powder, you can whip up our Frappuccino swap. It's sweet, creamy, and AMAZING, and it has around 80% FEWER calories and fat grams than the Starbucks version! Even people who don't like green tea love this swap. Click here for the recipe, and have a TEA-rific day! (Sorry... I had to.)

Today, July 8th, is National Chocolate with Almonds Day. Celebrate with a scoop of Dreyer's/Edy's Slow Churned Light Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Almond Accents (one of the sweet varieties). Yummmm!
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