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Dear Hungry Girl,

I used to love Canfield's Diet Fudge Soda! To me, it was the only fizzy chocolate drink that tasted good. Is it still available anywhere?

-- Can't Find the Canfields in Canoga Park

Dear Can't Find,

Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda is really a wonderful calorie-free way to satisfy a chocolate craving. I've been a fan of it for years but often have also had a hard time finding it in stores. Luckily, you can buy this fizzy soda (in regular fudge and also cherry fudge!) online at By the way, adding some skim milk or a teeny splash of Vanilla soy milk makes a wonderful low-cal fat free treat similar to a famous NY egg cream.

Dear Hungry Girl,

How do you feel about condiments? Do you have an all-time favorite condiment? I personally love mayonnaise but it's very fatty and high in calories.

-- Just Curious

Dear Curious,

Salsa is my personal favorite condiment, simply because it is so versatile and so low in fat and calories (it usually has between 10-20 calories per two tablespoons). I use salsa as a dipping sauce for steamed artichokes, in omelettes, with chicken dishes and sometimes I eat it straight from the jar (with a spoon, not a fork--I want to get every drop!). I also like ketchup, BBQ sauce and mustard, though ketchup and BBQ can be high in sugar (you can find some made with Splenda if this is a concern to you). Sometimes a little homemade canola oil mayo isn't a bad way to get some fat into your diet, but I pretty much avoid the jarred stuff, unless its a reduced fat (or non-fat) version.

Today is National Hoagie Day. If you feel like celebrating, visit Subway. They offer SEVEN sandwiches with under SIX grams of fat as well as Atkins-approved wraps, and low carb cookies!

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