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Come To a Hungry Girl Party in NYC!

Do you live in or near Manhattan?  Looking for something fun to do this Thursday night?  Hungry Girl is throwing a meet 'n' greet cocktail party in the Big Apple and we're inviting FIVE Hungry Girl subscribers to join us!  Sip diet-friendly cocktails courtesy of Baja Bob's and Torani.  Snack on guilt-free goodies like Gayle's Miracles Truffles, Glenny's new Slim Carb Curls, Wise Choice crisps, Fit & Free Pizza & more!  If you can make it to NYC this Thursday evening, send us an email telling us why you should be invited.  If you're selected, you and a guest will join us.  Good luck!

Just What the Doctor Ordered...

If you like Dr. Pepper, we've got some news that's going to make you giddy.  New Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper are on the way!  The new fizzy bev (that's hipster speak for soda) adds a splash of cherry and a splash of vanilla to Dr. Pepper's original flavor, and is part of the company's new "Fountain Classics" line.  The new flavors will be released in The Heartland this month and rolled out nationally in early 2005.  If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico,  Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee or Kentucky, post six packs of the stuff on eBay so the rest of us can taste it.  Please?

The Low Carb Bartender is Here!

If you're a carb-counter who enjoys an adult beverage every now and then, here's a new book for you: The Low Carb Bartender.  It's a comprehensive guide containing hard-to-find carb counts of 1000 Beers, 400 wines and scores of liquors and liqueurs.  There are also 200 low carb mixed-drink recipes -- and no, they aren't for things like Bacon-tinis or Butter-itas.

Good News for Toothless Chocoholics!

Think Starbucks has reached their quota of high calorie, fat-infested beverages?  Not a chance.  On January 9th, the coffee chain will introduce what could be the world's most fattening beverage.  It's a warm chocolate drink called Chantico (pronounced Shan-tee-ko).  Unlike conventional hot chocolate, which is made from cocoa powder, Chantico is steamed with cocoa butter and whole milk.  A  tiny 6-ounce cup of this "drinkable dessert" will contain 390 calories, 21 grams of fat and 51 carbs.  Though the average person will slurp the chocolate goo down in five minutes or less, it'll take 60-90 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 3 mph to burn it off.  SO not worth it.

Today, October 18th, is National Chocolate Cupcake Day. A Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin is the safest way to celebrate!

The new "Top Ate" list is up!... Woohoo!

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