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Print out this handy cheat sheet and take it with you the next time you visit Starbucks.  Don't be ashamed...just do it! 

Super Sippers

Starbucks offers up tons of diet-friendly ways to quench your thirst.  See?

Iced Coffee Americano (Grande) 20 cal., 3 carbs, no fat
- Non-fat Cappuccino (Grande) 100 cal., 14 carbs, no fat
- Tazo Iced Tea (Grande) 80 cal., 21 carbs, no fat
-Espresso Frappuccino Light Blended, no whip (Grande) 140 cal., 27 carbs, 1g fat

Ditch These... 

Avoid these "so-not-worth-it" fatty beverages:

-Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee , w/ whip (Grande) 510 cal, 73 carbs, 22g fat
-Tazo Chai Crème Frappuccino Blended Tea, w/ whip (Grande) 510 cal, 74 carbs, 17g fat
-Toffee Nut Frappuccino Crème, w/whip (Grande) 490 cal, 69 carbs, 17g fat
-White Hot Chocolate, w/whip (Grande) 580 cal, 65 carbs, 28g fat

What's Up, Sweet Thang? 

Heard horror stories about Starbucks' calorie-packed cookies and monstrous muffins?  Unfortunately, the rumors are true. However, there are some delicious snacks at the coffee chain that aren't all that bad for you.  Here are some treats you can enjoy...guilt free!

-Shortbread 100 cal, 6 fat, 12 carbs
-Vanilla Almond Biscotti 110 cal, 5 fat, 14 net carbs
-Crisp Cinnamon Twist Cookie 60 cal, 2 fat, 9 carbs

Extra, Extra!

You'd be surprised just how much damage a little whipped cream or a couple of pumps of syrup can do.  Skip these little extras to keep your drink from turning into a liquid fright-fest:

-Whipped Cream: That big horrible squirt of whipped cream can add up to 130 calories & 12 grams of fat to your drink. 
-Mocha Syrup: 2 pumps of Mocha sweetness will add 50 calories and 12 carbs to your beverage. Why do it?  Try one of the many zero calorie sugar free syrups Starbucks offers.


Earlier this month, Starbucks raised their prices an average of 11 cents per beverage. Yikes!

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