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Hungry Girl Takes a Bite Out of The Big Apple!

Last week, dozens of Hungry Girls (and guys) gathered in NYC to mingle and sample awesome diet-friendly foods and cocktails.  Hungry Girl served up only the most delicious (and completely guilt-free) snacks, including Gayle's Miracles Truffles, Wise Choice Snack Crisps, Fit & Free Pizza, Glenny's Slim Carb Curls and more!  The beverage of the night was Hungry Girl's famous Black Tai cocktails (Baja Bob's Mai Tai Mix, Torani Sugar Free Black Cherry Syrup, and vodka).  There was a lot of snacking and sipping, yet no one's pants were stressed!  Have a suggestion for where the next Hungry Girl Guilt-Free Cocktail bash should be?  Send it on in!

"Pets" That Can Help You Lose Weight?!  Huh?!

When you think of an unconventional pet, you probably think of a furry ferret or a cuddly rabbit -- not a yellow, jiggly hunk of fat.  The creators of My Pet Fat  are trying to change that.  They're marketing "pet" look-alike fat blobs to help with your weight loss.  The idea is that if you  (a) see how disgusting fat looks, (b) discover how annoying it is to lug that fat around, and (c) keep the gross fat pile near you during mealtime, you'll be less likely to overeat.  The good news is, they're probably right.  The bad news?  If you take this nauseating lump out in public, you'll probably have to deal with a lot of pointing and snickering.  But hey, at least it won't pee on your carpet.

Download Your Way to Better Health

Soft drinks (both sodas and fruit drinks) have been under a lot of scrutiny lately.  Recent studies show that they not only cause weight gain and can contribute to the onset of diabetes, but they're also horrible for your teeth (even the diet ones) and can lead to osteoporosis, especially in women.  Soft drinks can also be addictive.  The average person downs about 55 gallons of the stuff per year!  So how does one kick the soft drink habit?  Well, there's a new e-book (a book or report you can download online) called "The Five Soft Drink Monsters" that offers a five-step strategy requiring little discipline.  This is a "must-download and read" for you soda freaks!

New Pacemaker Curbs Appetite

Doctors will soon begin testing a new weight loss surgery that is far less invasive than others.  Within the next month or two, several patients in Portland, Oregon will have pacemaker-like devices implanted that will fire electronic pulses through tiny wires leading to their stomach walls.  These pulses supposedly trick the body into "feeling full," causing the patient to eat less and therefore lose weight.  If these test cases are successful, you can be sure this new technique will spread like wildfire.  Now if they can only figure out a way to electronically wire your tongue so it thinks celery tastes like chocolate.  Sign us up!

Yesterday, October 24th, was National Bologna Day.  Oscar Mayer makes yummy Fat Free bologna that has just 25 calories per slice!

The new "Top Ate" list is up!  We're celebrating Halloween early with our list of scary menu words.

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