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Dear Hungry Girl,

Now that the cooler weather is approaching, can you recommend some diet-friendly hot drinks that are easy to prepare?

--Beverage Babe

Dear Beverage Babe,

Warm beverages (coffee, cocoa, tea) can be comforting, cozy, cold-weather indulgences, but they can also contain more calories than an entire meal!  As you well know, some of those crazy coffee drinks can pack in up to 700 calories -- so be careful.  There are, however, plenty of guilt-free hot drinks that are easy to make.  Stock up on packets of low calorie, fat free hot chocolate.  If coffee's more your thing, keep some instant around.  The best instant coffee I've ever had is Taster's Choice Vanilla Roast (it's a little hard to find but definitely worth looking for).   Also, keep bottles of Sugar Free Torani syrups handy.  The Vanilla and Almond Roca flavors will make your coffee so much better, and  they camouflage the watery white blandness of nonfat milk.  You can find some awesome hot (and cold) drink recipes on Torani's website.   I know it's convenient to order fun coffee drinks at Starbucks, but with just a little effort you can create your own -- and they'll have a fraction of the calories and fat!  Happy Sipping!

Dear Hungry Girl,

Your Diet (from the publishers of People) is a great magazine!  I love to read about regular people who have lost weight.  Great recipes, too!  Will it come out monthly?  Is there a way to subscribe?

--Magazine Queen

Dear Magazine Queen,

Your Diet magazine is fantastic -- it has tons of great dieting tricks, news and info.  This new must-have mag isn't being published on a regular basis yet, but the next issue will be out in March.  The current issue (on sale now) has a subscription card inside.  If you don't have a copy of the magazine, you can just call 1-800-826-3438 to subscribe.

October is National Caramel Month. Celebrate with some Sugar Free Caramel flavored syrup from Torani. It's awesome in coffee!

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