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No time for a real meal?  Need a quick fix?  Here are some great "on the go" snacks options...



Here are some convenient protein-packed snacks...

Cereal:  Throw some crunchy Total Protein  in a ziploc bag, and you'll have a great portable 100 calorie high-protein snack.

Jerky:  Chewy and Salty, this non-perishable food  is perfect for keeping in the car.  Our fave?  Tillamook Country Smoker Beefsteak Nuggets.  They've got just 70 calories and 1.5g of fat per serving.

Light String Cheese:  Grab a 60 calorie, 3-gram-of-fat Frigo Cheese Heads Light String Cheese on your way out the door, and chew it up -- completely guilt-free!

Backseat Bites... 

Going on a long car trip?  Be sure to stock up on Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs, Q-Smart's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack Bars, and Glenny's Soy Crisps.  With these delicious diet-friendly munchies on hand, you'll be less likely to stop at one of those roadside diners that serve trucker-sized portions.

In the Market For Food... 

Consider stopping at the corner market instead of the corner fast food joint and you'll have hundreds of healthy options.  Some great Supermarket picks: Yoplait Light, a bag of baby carrots, or even some lean lunchmeat.

Warning:  I Brake for Snacks!

If that sweet tooth overpowers you while driving, no worries!  There are plenty of diet-friendly options.  See below for proof:

Slurp It Up!   Ever want to cave and take part in a Slurpeefest at 7-Eleven?  You can!  The chain offers up Diet Pepsi Slurpees that are calorie-free, as well as reduced-calorie Crystal Light Slurpees that come in several fruity-licious flavors.  Go for it!

We All Scream...  Dying for ice cream?  McDonald's Lowfat Vanilla Ice Cream Cones have just 150 calories & 4.5g of fat.  Well worth it!

Frappe Attack!   There are Starbucks locations on practically every block in the U.S., so its good to know that you can stop in and enjoy a Frappuccino Light if you have to.  Most contain just 140 - 180 calories for a Grande size.  Go for it!


Potato chips are America's most popular snack.  About 1.8 billion pounds of potato chips are consumed annually.

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