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Lean Cuisine Gets Grainy

Fantastic news from the Lean Cuisine kitchen.  They're releasing a line of fiber-packed frozen meals called "Spa Cuisine."  The new, healthier meals will not only include lots of protein and veggies, but they'll also pack in whole grain goodness like brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Each "Spa Cuisine" meal will still have under 300 calories and 3 to 5 grams of fat.  New offerings include Chicken Pecan (with brown rice), Mediterranean Chicken (with whole wheat pasta) and lemon chicken (with brown rice risotto).  These fab frozen entrees will hit store shelves shortly after Thankgiving.  Spa-ctacular!

The "Answer" to Your Calorie Questions

What if there was an oven-like machine that was able to tell you the EXACT number of calories your food contained -- broken down by fat calories, sugar calories and protein calories?  What on Earth would be better than that?  Um, NOTHING. (Well, except maybe if there was an oven that REMOVED all the calories from foods.)  This magical calorie-counting contraption, aptly named the "Calory Answer," actually exists.  So what's the catch?   The thing costs $28,000!!!  Uh, is it wrong or weird that we think it's almost worth the money? 

Fatty Foods:  Forget About 'Em!

A new study suggests that a diet filled with fatty foods can affect the way you think, and how your brain works.  The researchers conclude that foods that contain lots of fat can impair learning and memory.  Been eating too much fried chicken lately?  At least you might not remember what size pants you just had to buy.

Just When You Thought Oatmeal Couldn't Get Better...

Quaker recently announced their new Take Heart Instant Oatmeal.  The new and improved hot cereal will provide even more benefits of helping to reduce cholesterol (with 50 percent more soluble fiber from whole grains) and lowering blood pressure (due to higher potassium levels)!  Hitting store shelves in January, Quaker Take Heart Instant Oatmeal will be available in Golden Maple and Blueberry.  A note re: The Quaker Man - now that he's improved his oatmeal, it's time to do something about that hat.

November is Good Nutrition Month.  Be extra careful all month in preparation for Thanksgiving, and the fast-approaching holiday season!

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