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Here are our favorite food finds for the month of November!

Wise Choice Snack Crisps

Move over, Baked Lays...there's a new chip in town.  Wise, the east coast snackmasters, has recently released a line of guilt-free chips you'll FLIP over!  There are 4 flavors in all, and every one of them is fantastic.  The Potato Crisps are light & airy -- and they come in Original, and Roasted Garlic & Chive.  The Soy Crisps (which taste almost too good to be true) come in Mesquite BBQ and Italian Herbs.  All have just 110 calories and 3g of fat per serving -- and the soy crisps have over 6g of protein per serving.  These snacks are so good that, if you don't live in the Northeast, you need to do one of the following: (a) find a friend in the Northeast who will send you CASES of them, or (b) move as soon as possible (drastic, yes...but worth it).  They'll be for sale at at some point in 2005, but we're not suggesting you wait until then to try them.

Lean Pockets Ultra -- Supreme Pizza

How did you do it, Lean Pockets?  We used to avoid your frozen sandwiches because they had too many calories (yeah, yeah...they're low in fat, blah blah...), but your new "Ultra" line reduces both the calorie and carb counts so drastically that we had to give 'em a shot.  And boy were we pleasantly surprised!  Each Supreme Pizza Lean Pockets Ultra packs in italian sausage, yummy pepperoni, gooey cheese, green peppers and tomato sauce -- all stuffed inside a soft-baked whole grain crust.  With just 200 calories, 6g of fat, 12 net carbs, and 7g of fiber, how can you possibly say no to one of these palate-pleasing pouches? 

Jolly Time Healthy Pop -- Caramel Apple Microwave Pop Corn (94% Fat Free)

Congratulations, Jolly Time.  Your caramel apple popcorn is not only the most creative popcorn flavor EVER, but it's also one of our favorite fall food finds!  This crunchy snack combines the goodness of caramel apples with delicious popcorn -- in a 94% fat free treat.  Made with Splenda, caramel and apple-licious flavoring, the new Healthy Pop has just 110 calories and 2g of fat per serving (5 cups popped!).  And it's not too caramel-y or too's perfect!  We recommend smuggling this stuff into the movies with you simply because it kicks movie theater popcorn's butt. (But don't let anyone catch you doing this, it's slightly embarrassing).

Kashi Organic Promise, Cranberry Sunshine

We're not huge cereal fans because, frankly, the serving sizes are too small and the calorie counts are too high.  But we were thrilled to find Kashi's Organic Promise Cranberry Sunshine Cereal.  For starters, a serving size is a full cup (what-up with the 1/2 or 3/4 cup serving sizes?  Give us a break).  Also, there are only 110 calories and 1g of fat per serving.  And although those two cereal stats are impressive, they can't hold a candle to the fact that this cereal TASTES AWESOME!  Made with only organic ingredients like whole grain corn and "sun-drenched cranberries" the cereal is light, crispy and sweet and the cranberries are soft, moist and chewy.  Cranberry Sunshine is good enough to make us bend our "no cereal" rule.


Today, November 4th, is National Candy Day. Try not to go completely bonkers and over-celebrate, but if you have to have something, indulge in some fat free fun candy!

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