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It's In The Greens!  Check out Hungry Girl's Fast Food Survival Guide.

Heads Up:  Nutritionals do not include dressing, unless otherwise noted.

At Wendy's... 

Yums Up!  Order the Mandarin Chicken Salad without the almonds, noodles or dressing and it's only got 190 calories and 3g of fat. (Almonds are healthy but they do add lots of fat & over 120 calories to this particular salad.)

Salad Schmalad!  The Taco Supremo salad is one to watch out for.  It packs in 670 calories and 32g of fat! (If you avoid the chips and sour cream, you can turn it into a much healthier choice!)

At Subway...

It's easy to eat healthy at Subway. Our favorite salads from the sandwich chain are as follows:

Mediterranean Chicken Salad
170 calories, 4.5g fat, 6 net carbs

Garden Fresh Salad w/Turkey, Ham & Roast Beef
160 calories, 3.5g fat, 9 net carbs

Cold Cut Combo Salad 240 calories, 15g fat, 9 net carbs

Hungry Girl Tip:  Subway offers fat free Italian dressing that has just 35 calories & 7 carbs per serving!

At McDonald's...

Surprisingly, there are many good choices at Mickey D's.  Here are some of our picks:

Fruit 'n Walnut Salad -- If you eat this baby as is, it has 310 calories & 13g of fat.  That's slightly high in fat, but walnuts are good for you.  However, if you order it nut-free and have it with yogurt instead, it'll only have 170 calories and 1g of fat. (Granted,
a Fruit & Walnut Salad with yogurt instead of walnuts isn't really a Fruit & Walnut Salad, but it's healthy and delicious!)

Grilled Chicken California Cobb -- A cobb salad with only 260 calories, 11g of fat & 7 net carbs?  Not bad!  But make sure you get the grilled chicken, not the crispy.  That mistake will cost you over 100 calories, 10g of fat & 12 net carbs! Yeowch!

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch -- This one sounds more dangerous than it actually is.  It has only 240 calories, 9g of fat & 8 net carbs.  Chew freely!

Grilled Chicken Caesar - With 200 calories, 6g of fat & 7 net carbs, we say "Caes" the moment!

Dressing Down

Salad dressing, most of the time, is NOT your friend.  More often than not, it's a fatty nightmare.  Sometimes there are more calories in the dressing packet than there are in the entire salad!  Some dressing packets at Jack in the Box have up to 390 calories and 41g of fat (at that rate, Jack's gonna need a bigger box)!  So read the nutritionals carefully on all packets.  And when using dressing, dip -- don't pour!

Salad 101: No matter where you are, the rules are the same. There are no-no's like croutons, cheese, nuts, fatty dressings & crispy noodles.  Wanna find out just how bad these things are for you?  Check out Burger King's mix 'n' match salad nutritional chart.  It'll help you build healthier salads anywhere (not just at BK).  And it's fun, like a game.  Weeeee!

Today, November 5th, is National Donut Day. Let's spend the day fantasizing about those low carb Krispy Kreme donuts that never saw the light of day.

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