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Dear Hungry Girl,

I am so excited for your new book! Can you tell me about it? I loved the promotion you did last year, where people could get free VitaTops if they purchased two copies of the book. I got mine and was soooo happy! Are you doing anything like that for your new book?

Freebie Fanatic
Dear Freebie Fanatic,

YES!!! Good news. We just kicked off a similar promotion with -- drumroll, please -- Popchips! It's called "HG's Popchips Promo for First 2,000 Only!" I'm going to give you ALL of the important details here and now...

1. The brand-new book is called Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet, and it'll be released March 30th. The book ROCKS. Truly. I know I said this last time (and meant it!), but this is my favorite of all of the HG books. It has SOOOO much practical and super-simple stuff! There's an entire slow-cooker recipe chapter, a whole chapter of foil-pack recipes, a no-cook chapter, and dozens of our famous two-ingredient Hot Couples. It features a lot more meals, and the recipes are made with more fruit, veggies, and lean protein than ever before. There are also some really helpful features you'll LOVE. It is TRULY AMAZING. And you can pre-order right now by clicking here. But keep reading first!

2. We are running a fantastic promotion with our pals at Popchips! The first 2,000 people to pre-order two books and send a receipt/order confirmation and completed registration form will each get a FREE case of Popchips. Only the FIRST 2,000 entries RECEIVED will get a free case each. That's 500 more than last year's promo! And, truth be told, there was some confusion about the limited number of Vitas that were available. That's why we're calling it "HG's Popchips Promo for First 2,000 Only!" To make things super clear.

3. Just to reiterate: If you pre-order two books and send in your receipt/order confirmation and completed registration form, and yours is one of the FIRST 2,000 received, you will get a FREE case of Popchips. Click here for full terms & conditions and to download the registration form. (There are NO guarantees.)

There you have it... the 411 on the new book and this year's awesome opportunity! BTW, click here for info on a few super-fun book-signing events coming up for Hungry Girl 1-2-3!

Dear HG,

Since you're always the first to know about all things new and different in the world of guilt-free food, do you have the exclusive on any fun new items that are on the way? Give me some scoop! Also, what are some of your favorite new things that are on shelves right now?

Gossip Fiend
Dear Gossip Fiend,

Okay, these are good! So make sure you are sitting down...

1. The most exciting news is DEFINITELY the release of THREE new flavors in the line of Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges! YES, THREE!!! They'll be out in June. We'll be trying them THIS week and giving you ALL the details next Monday... Exciting!

2. Western Bagel has a new flavor of its Alternative Bagel coming out... Italian Herb! I've tried it, and it's GREAT. Yum!

3. Here's one I NEVER thought I'd like: a new flavor in the Soyjoy bar lineup... Banana! I got a sneak chew, and it's soft and delicious with a fantastic real-fruit taste. Kind of like banana bread. Not exactly sure when that'll be out, but I'll keep you posted!

As for recently launched stuff that I've been enjoying? I LOVE the new Yoplait Light bakeshop flavors, Red Velvet Cake and Thick & Creamy Blueberry Pie. I REALLY love Thomas' Bagel Thins (especially the latest variety, Everything!), and I constantly find myself spiking my FRS with the brand-new Pineapple Mango Trop50. YUM!!! Thanks for emailing...

Today, March 3rd, is National Cold Cuts Day. Celebrate by enjoying turkey slices piled high on Sandwich Thins and topped with Dijonnaise!

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