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There are bazillions of cool web sites out there.  Here are some you should know about...


Hard-to-Find Treats FOUND!

If you're anything like us (crazed food-lovers), you probably get excited about web sites that sell hard-to-find edibles. is worth getting giddy over!  In fact, it's the only place on earth we've been able to find our newest obsession; Alpine Sugar-Free Spiced Cider.  This nearly-impossible-to-locate 15 calorie hot cider drink is the perfect yummy treat for a chilly winter night. is chock-full of little-known food faves, so click around!


Looking for a one stop shop for healthy eating, healthy cooking and fitness? is your new best friend!  It's overflowing with cool stuff like turkey calculators and healthy cooking tips, but our absolute favorite thing about the site is the huge, easy-to-search recipe database, complete with recipe makeovers that turn off-limits indulgences into healthy treats!

Ever Dream of Being a Model? is freaky and cool at the same time!  Just input your height, weight, hair style, the shape of your face, your body type, etc. and voila -- a virtual model of YOU is created right before your eyes!  Next, you and your model can shop and try on clothes to see which styles look best on you.  How fun is that?!  And there's no need to lie about your height or weight -- 'cuz no matter what,  your model miraculously appears fit and toned.  That's the really fun part...

Watch What You Eat (On Your Computer Screen!)

Love the idea of keeping a food journal but have a hard time actually keeping track of what you're eating?  NutraWatch does all the hard work for you!  This totally free site lets you keep a food diary, complete with fancy pie charts (no, not the fun kind of pie) that help you track your carb, fat, protein and sugar intake.  You can set goals, see weekly graphs of your calorie intake and track your weight.  Fantastic!


A Google search for the word "diet" turned up 38,000,000 links.

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