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Yum Squared!
Yum Squared!
Spotted on Shelves...

Nature Valley Granola Thins Crispy Squares - We love Nature Valley's Crunchy Granola Bars but sometimes wish they weren't packaged in twos. Enter these individually wrapped flat snacks! With a layer of either Dark Chocolate or Peanut Butter, each has 80 - 90 calories, 4 - 4.5g fat, 75 - 85mg sodium, 10 - 11g carbs, <1g fiber, 6g sugars, and 1g protein (POINTS® value 2*). Nice!

Jell-O Chocolate Lovers Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks, Milk Chocolate Dream and Dark Chocolate Desire - It isn't a stretch to say that chocolate pudding is awesome -- it's like saying, "Puppies are cute." What makes these unique? The FIBER. (Yes, pudding with fiber.) Only 60 calories per snack cup, plus 1 - 1.5g fat, 180 - 200mg sodium, 15g carbs, 3g fiber, 0g sugars, and 2g protein (POINTS® value 1*). YUM!

Dole Fruit Crisp - Fruity dessert alert! Each of these individually packed snacks -- in Apple Cinnamon, Pineapple Mango, or Apple Pear -- contains fruit in a fruity sauce, plus a sweet 'n oaty crumble topping to put on right before you eat it. A container has 150 - 160 calories, 3.5g fat, 20 - 25mg sodium, 29g carbs, 2g fiber, 20g sugars, and 1 - 2g protein (POINTS® value 3*). Have 'em chilled, room temp, or hot 'n steamy!
Bitty Bites!

Recall Alert and Meat Safety 411!
Heads up, meat eaters: A whopping 35,000 pounds of ground beef have been called back from restaurants in Southern California due to potential E. coli contamination. Yikes. If you're in that area, you may want to play it safe and avoid ordering burgers for a bit. And with grill season upon us, we thought it might be time for a few food safety tips when it comes to purchasing raw meat...

Choose the right thing. Besides checking the sell-by date, look for well-sealed packaging that feels cold to the touch.
Keep it clean. The rest of your stuff, that is. Wrap meat in an extra layer of plastic before tossing it into your cart, fridge, or freezer.
Don't dawdle. Especially if it's hot out and your car's AC is less than spectacular. Get that stuff home and into the fridge or freezer!

Guilt-Free Recipes... Coming to a Packaged Snack Near You!
Looks like food manufacturers are taking cues from calorie-conscious cookbooks! Lately, we've noticed several brands are incorporating fat-slashing swaps. Galaxy Granola is baked in fruit sauce instead of a crazy amount of oil, resulting in an all-natural treat with 70 percent less fat than other granolas. (Pssst... We hear new flavors are on the way!) Keebler's new Baker's Treasures Soft Cookies are made with applesauce and pack 25 percent less fat than similar cookies. (They're still a tad high in the stats department... but we give Keebler credit for trying!) Breaking news from the HG HQ! In early July, we'll be pitting oil-and-egg replacements like applesauce, diet soda, and MORE against each other in a battle royal of two-ingredient guilt-free cake recipes! Get excited...

Be the Best of the Best... or the Worst of the Worst?
Who wants to win cool food-related stuff? Probably everyone reading this! If you love to cook but are stuck with a less-than-ideal kitchen, this could be your lucky day. Enter the Worst Kitchen in America contest, and you could win a schmancy new cooking setup from DIY Network and a lifetime subscription to Food Network Magazine! More of a grill master? There's a challenge for you too! The National Pork Board has teamed up with Food Network star and HG pal Melissa d'Arabian for its Calling All Grillers with Groupies contest. The grand-prize winner gets a snazzy new grill, a trip for two, and the opportunity to be Melissa's very own grilling groupie at FN's New York City Wine & Food Festival later this year. FUN!!! Now go win stuff.
Honey, I Shrunk the Kind!
Honey, I Shrunk the Kind!
The Buzz...

Coming this August... KIND Minis: scaled-down versions of the tasty KIND fruit 'n nut bars we all love so much! These natural bar-ettes (as in "little bars" -- don't put them in your hair!) will each have about 110 calories. Plus, SIX new flavors of the full-sized bars are on the way, including this one: Peanut Butter & Strawberry! Is it August yet?! ***Here's good fast-food news for you. Burger King just ditched some unneeded calories and sodium from its Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich. The chick-wich now features a ciabatta bun made with whole grains. Order it without mayo, and it'll have 360 calories and 7g fat. Not bad, BK. ***In polar-opposite news, the latest burger to debut at Friendly's has a not-so-friendly bun alternative: two grilled cheese sandwiches! The Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt tips the scales at a horrific 1,500 calories and 97g fat, making KFC's Double Down sandwich seem like a Lean Cuisine entrée. Sheesh! ***Don't fear the fiber! Apparently, a lot of people out there STILL do. A recent survey found that 27 percent of respondents think that food with added fiber usually tastes bad. Ummm... Someone give those people a Fiber One Chewy Bar STAT! ***HG Event Reminder: We're throwing two FREE sponsored-by-Popchips cocktail parties in the next couple of weeks, and YOU are invited! CLICK HERE for info on Wednesday's Hungry Girl Happy Hour event in Seattle and next Friday's event in Vegas! After that? St. Louis! That's all we've got. HG out!
Today, June 28th, is National Tapioca Day. Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Tapioca pudding is BY FAR our favorite. Happy tapioca-ing!
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