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Looking to add some reduced-salt products to your grocery list? Look no further! Here are some of our favorites...   

Can It!
Canned goods are convenient, but excess sodium isn't all that great. Check out these pantry all-stars...

Amy's Light in Sodium Soups - We loooove Amy's original soups, so her lower-salt versions make us SUPER happy!

Progresso Reduced Sodium Soups - Not only does the Reduced Sodium line have a lot of guilt-free choices, but there are also some lower-salt soups in the awesome Light lineup!

Del Monte No Salt Added Fresh Cut Vegetables and Tomatoes - Nicely done, DM! Veggies and tom-toms (our new pet name for tomatoes).

Green Giant 50% Less Sodium/No Salt Added Canned Vegetables - Salt-free canned goods too extreme for your tastes? Try the half-off version from the colossal green one!

Muir Glen No Salt Added Tomatoes and Sauce - Diced tomatoes and tomato sauce too. Yeeeessssss...

Hunt's No Salt Added Tomato Products - Here we have whole tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, and tomato paste. We still prefer ketchup courtesy of Heinz, but we find this line impressive!

Calling All Condiments!
Those things you add to your food can pack some serious salt. Here are a few products to help you save...

NutraSalt Low Sodium Sea Salt
- This line of sea-salt seasonings includes a bazillion flavors!

AlsoSalt - This stuff is shakable and completely free of sodium.

Heinz No Salt Added Tomato Ketchup - Made with AlsoSalt, this ketchup's a keeper!

Low Sodium Better'n Peanut Butter - Save calories and sodium with this sweet 'n nutty spread.  

Mrs. Dash - Seems like a no-brainer, but did you know that the sodium-conscious Mrs. has marinades in addition to sprinklable seasoning blends? It's true!

Meals 'n More!
We couldn't NOT mention this stuff...

Artisan Bistro Meals
- These meals have 65 - 430mg sodium a pop. Not bad for a frozen dinner.

Amy's Light in Sodium Line - OK, we mentioned the soups before, but it would be a crime not to mention the rest of these tasty food items...

Weight Watchers Endorsed! Jolly Time Low Sodium 100 Calorie Healthy Pop Butter Microwave Pop Corn - Take the snack; hold the salt. Yum!

Boar's Head Lower Sodium Line - Delicious deli meats and cheeses to chew... 

HG Heads-Up! There are LOADS of other sodium-smart food products we love, but we can't blab on about all of them. Luckily, we always include all of the available nutritional stats in the "Spotted on Shelves" section of our News emails, so feel free to peruse the News for more finds.
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