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Dear Hungry Girl,

My coworker was RAVING about your "egg mugs," so I tried one of the recipes and LOVED it! Who knew you could make scrambles in the microwave?! I was wondering if you have any tips and tricks for them. And where can I find more of those recipes?

Mugs & Kisses,
Egg-Obsessed Annie
Dear Annie,

I'm so happy that you and your work friend are enjoying the egg mugs. I eat them all the time. I absolutely have some tips and tricks for you, as well as info on where to find more of those recipes. Here goes...

Make sure you use a LARGE microwave-safe mug. The bigger the better. When the egg mixture cooks, it puffs up and rises. To avoid a messy microwave, you definitely want a mug that's tall or wide (or both!)... Or just use a nukeable bowl! (I won't tell.)

Don't forget the nonstick spray.
Before you add the egg substitute and other items, spray the inside of your mug (the bottom and the sides). Otherwise, your scramble may stick to your mug. No one wants that to happen...

Adjust the cook time as needed. Since microwaves vary, you might need to tweak the time it takes to cook the contents of your mug. (Case in point: When we use our cheapie Hello Kitty microwave, it takes longer than when we use our regular one.) Your egg mug is done when the scramble is mostly solid but still moist.

Soap and soak. After chowing down, squirt your empty mug with liquid soap, fill it with hot water, and let it soak for a while. It'll be much easier to wash if you do this.

For a SLEW of recipes for delicious egg mugs -- plus even MORE things you can whip up in the microwave -- check out the Nuke It, Baby! chapter of Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet. You can also find egg-mug recipes by clicking here, here, here, and here. Happy muggin'!

Hi HG,

Love your stuff. Where I live, though, the supermarkets don't stock things like Boca burgers and shirataki noodles. Can you tell me some of your favorite recipes for main dishes that don't call for any uncommon ingredients?

Just-Basics Betsy
Hi Bets,
(May I call you Bets?) I recognize that not everyone has access to some of the specific products that we write about and use in recipes. But there are MANY Hungry Girl meal-type recipes that can be made using only easy-to-find items. Here are some recent ones that I truly love...

Woohoo! Bayou Fish Pack - If your market carries tinfoil and fish fillets, you can make this recipe. (Don't worry... the foil's for baking!)

'Bella Asada Fajitas - These meaty (yet meatless) fajitas call for portabella mushrooms, not some fancy soy product meant to taste like steak. And they are SO good. 

Hungry Chick Shepherd's Pie - The most exotic ingredient here is mashed potato flakes. This 4-serving chicken dish is crazy fantastic! 

Egg-cellent Foo Young - If your market doesn't have egg substitute (like Egg Beaters), use egg whites instead to make this Chinese-food swap.

Chicken D'lish Kebabs - A supermarket staple makes the chicken amazingly tender and delicious.

Mexilicious Shrimp & Corn Fandango Salad - Add the optional avocado to make this SUPER filling. Or not. It rocks either way

Outside-In Turkey Tamale Pie - Here's a slow-cooker meal that's as easy to make as it is mind-blowingly delicious. 

Enjoy the recipes! P.S. I am sending you a case of Tofu Shirataki noodles :)

Today, August 18th, is National Ice Cream Pie Day. Did you make the Banana Split Pie recipe from last Thursday's email?! Fingers crossed that there's still a slice left!
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