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Hungry Girl's Gift Guide

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year! Why fight the crowds when you can stay home & shop?  Check out some of Hungry Girl's favorite holiday finds!


DANCE THOSE POUNDS AWAY!  - Real music...Real dancing...Real calorie-burning!  "MC Groovz Dance Craze" is a new GameCube video game that offers players the chance to boogie it up to music from Jessica Simpson & Jewel, while burning fat & calories!  There's even a calorie counter to keep track of what you're dancing off.   
YOU LIGHT UP MY RICE - Do you glow whenever you see a Chinese food container?  You and this item have something in common.  It's a Chinese take-out container LAMP!  This cute little item beams red, has the Chinese symbol for "Happiness" painted on its side and contains absolutely no cornstarch, oil or MSG.
DINER-WEAR -   This fun retro bracelet and earrings set features kitschy charms from classic diners.  Have a vintage-loving friend?  Let them prove their love for Bob (as in Big Boy) by wearing his picture around their wrist instead of eating his fatty burgers and fries!
MARTINI MANIA! - With the single ribbon of red or green swirled into them, these classic (and classy) hand-blown martini glasses from Crate & Barrel will get anyone into the holiday spirit.  Put together a diet-friendly cocktail party by filling a pair with Baja Bob's low-carb Martini mixes.  (Remember to use promo code "hungrygirl" at checkout for 25% off your martini mixes at

EGG-NOGGIN  -  This 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash from Philosophy is the perfect guilt-free way to indulge in some eggnog this holiday season!  This sweet-smelling time-saver does it all.  In fact, it's so yummy we suggest you buy it as a little gift for yourself.
WAKE UP & SCRUB WITH COFFEE! -  Indulgences Full-Caff Non-Fat Set comes with a body scrub, a whipped moisturizing cream and a loofah.  The caffeinated exfoliant even contains cellulite-busting ingredients.  And cellulite-free thighs can give you a better buzz than even the strongest cup of us!
GINGERBREAD WOMAN - This Gingerbread House Set is the perfect gift for those who can't resist gingerbread but still want to fit into their skinny jeans.  This good-enough-to-eat-smelling beauty set from Philosophy is completely calorie, fat and carb free! Our favorite item is the Sugar Cookie Lip Balm.  Dee-lip-cious!


A CREAM COME TRUE - We love Jenny and her fantastic slew of coffee creamers!  They come in flavors like Winter White Chocolate, St. Nick's Nog, Melted S'mores, Gingerbread and Christmas Candy Cane. And just one 15 calorie teaspoon will turn any cup of coffee into a holiday dream come true! (P.S. - We are OBSESSED with these creamers.)
A MIRACLE ON ANY STREET - 30-35 calorie truffles?  Miraculous for sure!  Snap-up Holiday Gift Boxes of Gayle's Miracles Truffles.  Your chocolate-addicted pals will love you for it!
WHERE HAVE YOU BEAN ALL MY LIFE? -  Sugar Free Jelly Belly candies are a great gift for someone who has to watch their sugar intake--but still has a sweet tooth.  Weeeee!

Today, November 26th, is National Cake Day. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Skip the cake this year.

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