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The "Hole" Truth

Just a friendly neighborhood Hungry Girl warning.  Even if you take the time to read food labels carefully and are diligent enough to do the algebraic backflips it often takes to figure out how many calories, carbs or fat grams are in something (is that microscopic bag of chips really 2.5 servings?), you still could be deceived.  Thankfully the government is starting to crack down on companies that deliberately mislead consumers into thinking their products are "low calorie" or "lowfat."  And some guilty parties are ending up in jail.  Robert Ligon, a heartless trickster who tried to pass off a 530 calorie fudge covered donut as a healthy 135 calorie carob-coated treat, is currently serving a 15 month sentence.  Using the phrase "just desserts" here is just a little too obvious, don'tcha think?
Unemployment Rate for Carbs SOARS to an All-Time High!

Hey, Carb-haters!  Yeah, you!  If the new Hershey's 1 Carb bars, Kellogg's Low Carb Special K and Dannon's Light & Fit Carb Control yogurt aren't satisfying your carb-despising needs, you'll be happy to know the following: Snackwell's "CarbWell" cookies, Low carb Hamburger Helper and Yoplait "Ultra" are on the way.  Woohoo!
Kermit the Cobb?

Next time someone tells you they have a frog in their throat it could be because they just got off a Quantas airlines flight.  Last week, the airline mistakenly served a passenger a salad with an interesting ingredient...a LIVE whistling tree frog.  As you may or may not know, amphibians are completely carb-free, so frog salads could hop, er, pop up on restaurant menus any day now.  (Um, that was a joke).
Life in the Fast (Food) Lane

Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald's for 30 days.  Why?  To prove to Americans that never-ending gluttonous fast food consumption can be detrimental to one's health (Doy?).  Oh, and also to make a movie. After gorging himself on 5,000 calories a day of nothing but burgers, fries, shakes & other items from the McChain, Spurlock plumped up 25 lbs. and nearly destroyed his liver.  This summer, the filmmaker will promote his flick and then he'll spend the next year travelling the country touting the evils of fast food.  Supersize Me is in select theaters now.  The good news is, you probably won't be craving buttered popcorn during this one...
Send excess salt down the drain! Rinse your canned veggies to get rid of lots of sodium. Who needs it?

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