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Dear Hungry Girl,

I bought that Kashi Organic Promise Cranberry Sunshine cereal after reading your review.  The box says a serving size is 1 cup or 29 grams, but 1 cup weighed in at 50 grams -- not 29 grams.  So what's the deal?  Which is the accurate measurement...the cup or the grams?

--Koncerned about Kashi

Dear Koncerned,

When it comes to accurate serving sizes, it's the weight that counts.  So why, you ask, are the listed measurements often innacurate?  Different things can cause measurements to vary.  Our first question is, what's the manufacturer's defintition of a "cup?"  Is it a loosely packed cup?  A level cup?  A heaping cup?  Another factor to consider is crumbling.  When some cereals break up, the small pieces can fit into the nooks and crannies between larger cereal pieces, causing more cereal to fit in a cup.  So, what's a calorie-counting cereal lover to do?  Get a food scale ASAP!   Hungry Girl Tip: Weigh your cereal all at once and separate single portions into Ziploc baggies so you have some all ready to go when it's cereal time!

Dear Hungry Girl,

After reading about Crunchmaster Crackers on your site, I'm dying to try some!   Where can I find them?

--Cracker Crazy

Dear Cracker Crazy,

These amazing guilt-free crackers have caused quite a stir!  After they were featured in "Chew the Right Thing," we received dozens of emails from people who wanted to know where to buy them.   In fact, this may be the most asked-about Hungry Girl find EVER!  Luckily, these hard-to-resist treats aren't tough to get your hands on.  The reason you've probably missed them at your supermarket is that they aren't in the "normal" cracker section -- probably because they're too special to socialize with lowly Ritz and Triscuits!  Most large chains DO carry Crunchmaster crackers, but they tend to stock them in the "specialty food" section near the international products.  Our advice?  Don't wait any longer.  Head to the store and get crackin'!

Today, December 15th, is National Lemon Cupcake  Day.  Anyone have a low calorie recipe for lemon cupcakes?  Send it in!

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