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Here are Hungry Girl's favorite guilt-free food finds of the month...  
No Pudge! Ice Cream - Giant Fudgy Brownie Cones

You've gotta love any diet-friendly dessert that has the words "GIANT," "FUDGY," and "BROWNIE" in its name.  But we don't just love this ice cream because of its marketing appeal, it happens to be one of the most fun and delicious Hungry Girl discoveries of all time.  Each large (okay, GIANT) cone is stuffed with vanilla ice cream and topped with chunks of No Pudge! Brownies and fudge.   And it all adds up to just 140 calories and 2.5g of fat!  There's even 4g of fiber per cone.  No Pudge, you are our new extremely cool best friend.


Robbins Nest Pizzas

*Robbins Nest pizzas are Italian wheels of fantastic-ness.  They come in decadent flavors like Vegetarian BBQ Beef, Soy Chicken, Fire Roasted Veggie, & more.  And the entire pizza (which is HUGE) has only around 350 calories.  They're made with real mozzarella cheese so they do have fat (about 10 or so grams for the whole thing), but they have some fiber, too (that's good news for points-counters)!  Chances are you'll want to share this humongous item with someone you like a lot, or save the rest for later...but even if you gobble up the entire thing you won't do much damage.  They're a little pricey (about 10 bucks each) but we think they're worth it.  Buy them online or at look for these doughy delights at your favorite low carb store. 


Seapoint Farms Veggie Blends - With Edamame

Can you believe a bag of frozen vegetables is one of our top food finds this month?  Neither can we.  But these veggies are AWESOME and deserve this honor.  The Garden Blend is a mix of edamame (soybeans), carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus.  And not only is this a fun and great-tasting frozen veggie party, it has only 60 calories and 1.5g of fat per serving (along with 4g of protein and 3g of fiber).  Kudos to Seapoint Farms for having the creativity and courage to add edamame to a plain old vegetable medley.  Hungry Girl Tip:  Toss some of this stuff into frozen meals to fill them out, without adding lots of calories and fat.


Today, January 6, is Bean Day.  Beans are the plant kingdom's second-best source of dietary fiber.  And they're tasty, too.
  *In the past we have been skeptical of Robbins Nest products and their nutritional information.  These pizzas have been tested and the nutritionals are accurate.
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