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Water They Thinking?!

What's the newest trend in the world of beverages?  Flavored water.  Companies like Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle and more are scrambling to release new bottled waters in early 2005.  These new waters are infused with fruit flavor or sweetened naturally in some cases, but in other cases they're Splenda-enhanced and even COLORED artificially.  So, um, are we crazy to think that "water" that has been sweetened artificially and colored blue or purple isn't exactly water anymore?  Perhaps in 2006, they'll market yet another "special water" that's been infused with bubbles, sweetened with corn syrup, and colored brown.  Oh, wait.  They did that already.  It's called COKE.
New Fitness Phone - A Good Call!

Want fitness tips and diet info in the palm of your hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Then get your paws on NEC's 232E.  This brand new cell phone not only has what you'd expect from a normal cell phone (the ability to make/receive calls and what-not), but it will also deliver content from Fitness Magazine, including regular customized workout schedules, fitness calculators, recipes and more.  Noboru Sakata, general manager, Wireless Division, NEC says, "We see the 232E HDM fitness phone as a proof point on how mobile communication can help facilitate improved lifestyles."  OK, we have no idea what that corporate blather means, but the phone still sounds pretty cool, huh?
Wendy's Good News!

Who says combo meals MUST include french fries?  Not Wendy's.  In an unprecedented move, the fast food chain is taking a stand and has decided to give customers the option of choosing items OTHER than french fries as part of their combo meals.  Now, instead of fatty fries, you can ask for a baked potato, small chili or one of TWO side salads to go with your sandwich -- for the same price as a regular combo meal.  Thanks to this new fast food option, there'll be 40 different ways to enjoy combo meals at Wendy's.  (Yes, we actually did the math.)
Juicy News!

Need more proof that the low carb trend is fading fast?  Old Orchard, the juice-masters who are responsible for a terrific line of insanely low calorie juices, is re-naming their "LoCarb Fruit Juice Cocktails" line "Healthy Balance."  This line of delicious low-cal juice comes in ten flavors; Cranberry, Cranberry Raspberry, White Cranberry, Cranberry Grape, Apple, Apple Kiwi Strawberry, Apple Cranberry, Apple Raspberry, Grape, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.  These fruity beverages all contain 20-27% real fruit juice, are sweetened with Splenda, and are extremely low-cal.    
Yesterday, December 19th, was National Oatmeal Muffin Day. Might be a good time to order some Vitamuffins!  Remember to use promo code "hungrygirl" for your 5% discount!
The new "Top Ate" list is up...Check it out!
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