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Dear Hungry Girl,

Do you ever get tired of diet-friendly foods and just go for the real thing?  What are your personal indulgences, and how do you get back on track after you stray?

-- Itching to Indulge


Dear Itching,

I think it's ok to treat yourself to your favorite foods every once in a while.  A brownie here or a french fry there isn't going to make you gain 20 lbs.  It's the daily brownies or the devouring of hundreds of french fries that will pack on weight (I've been there).  While I go for "light" or diet-friendly foods most of the time, I enjoy occasional indulgences.  I eat a stack of pancakes (with butter and syrup) every year on my birthday.  I also love ribs, lasagna and apple pie.   But I save those treats for holidays, special parties and vacations.  There's no way I'm going to New York City and not having a slice of pizza.  So, how do I get back on the wagon after a little food fiesta?  First,  I don't beat myself up over it.  Instead of throwing in the towel after eating something fattening, I tell myself it was a little treat and not a reason to get off track.  I exercise and eat super-healthy foods (fruits, veggies and lean protein) the day after I splurge.  And, if I do fall off the wagon, I am always motivated to get back on when I have to lie down to zip up my pants!  

Dear Hungry Girl,

A couple of weeks ago you said calorie-free Walden Farms foods scared the "bejeezus" out of you.  Why are you against them?

--Wondering 'Bout Walden Farms

Dear Wondering,

I received many emails about this.  Here's the deal: When I first discovered Walden Farms' huge line of calorie-free sauces, dressings, syrups, spreads and dips, I was sooo excited and eager to try them.  What could be better than pancake syrup, barbeque sauce, chocolate sauce, marshmallow dip and salad dressings WITH NO CALORIES AT ALL?  I bought a bunch of them, hoping desperately that they'd be good.  Sadly, they were the opposite of good (i.e. bad).  I personally found them to be almost inedible.  So it's the taste that scares the bejeezus out of me.  In my opinion, Walden Farms is missing the mark with their calorie-free products, but their fat free, low-cal dressings are excellent! 

Today, January 5th, is National Whipped Cream Day!  Celebrate with a little Fat Free Reddi-Wip!
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