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Dear Hungry Girl,

Do you know of a low fat, low cal alternative to the Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Creme?  I am not a coffee drinker but love this treat!  Thanks!

Vanilla Creme Fiend

Dear Fiend,

As a matter of fact I do. I recently discovered Big Train's Blended Vanilla Latte mix.  I buy them in boxes of five and I make my own version of this Starbucks drink at home.  Instead of chugging down 500 calories and 17g of fat for a 16 oz. Grande at Starbucks, you can make the Big Train version in your kitchen.  The mix itself has just 70 calories and 3g of fat.  They tell you to mix it with 4oz. of half & half (eeks!).  Don't do that.  Instead, use 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk.  Throw a packet of the mix into a blender with 4 oz. of the soy milk, 4 oz. of water, one Splenda, a little sugar free Torani Vanilla syrup, and about 5 - 7 ice cubes.  Blend for about a minute and top with fat free Reddi-wip.  You'll have your very own low fat blended vanilla frappe for around 115 calories.  Weeeee!

Dear Hungry Girl,

What's your take on flavored waters?

Fan of Flavors

Dear Fan,

Experts agree that the best thing you can drink is plain old pure H20.  This amazing beverage can help rev up your metabolism, keep your skin clear, and flush out stubborn little fat cells.  The recommended daily water intake is 8 - 10 glasses (though many experts are disputing this, saying you don't need that much).  If you're having trouble downing all that plain water, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime.  Adding a splash of fruit juice can also perk up plain water.  If you still dread guzzling down a lot of water, it's not gonna kill you to drink the flavored kind every now and then.  Keep in mind, though, that many flavored waters contain calories, carbs, sugars and/or chemicals, so they're really not "water" at all.  The bottom line?  It's not a good idea to use enhanced waters as H20 replacers, but using them as an occasional way to break up the monotony is ok.  And, if the flavored water is calorie-free, or made with fruit juice, it's probably a better choice than diet soda.

Today, January 26th, is National Peanut Brittle Day.  Even sugar free peanut brittle is really high in fat & calories.  We say boycott this ridiculous holiday.
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