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Girl Scouts Do Another Good Deed!

You know we have a love/hate relationship with those crazy cookie-pushing Girl Scouts.  A few weeks ago we reported on their Hungry Girl approved Lemon Coolers, and this week we've got even better news.  The Scouts have teamed up with Dreyer's Grand Light  (a.k.a. Edy's Grand Light) for a new limited edition flavor -- Girl Scouts Samoas Cookie!  From now thru April you can find this exclusive goodie-packed 120-calorie ice cream at your local supermarket.  If only the carton had a little green skirt...
Are YOU America's Smartest Snacker?

Think you're America's Smartest Snacker?  If the fine folks over at Hershey's SmartZone Nutrition bars agree, you'll win $10,000 and a trip to the Hershey Foods headquarters in Hershey, PA.  The chocolate company is seeking out an "everyday expert" who can share advice on making nutritious snack choices. Hmmmmm -- sounds like the perfect gig for Hungry Girl.  On second thought, maybe you should just nominate her!
Trans Fats' Disappearing Act!

As of next year, companies will be required to list trans fats on food labels.  They'll be forced to come clean about how much of that artery-clogging gunk is in their products.  This is good news.  Getting a jump on things, products like Triscuits, Oreos and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish have already removed all trans fats from their products.  Following suit are some Campbell's Chunky Soups and SpaghettiOs.  Good riddance!
This Week's Buzz...

Need help understanding the new guidelines for healthy eating?  Our friends at put together a helpful handbook that explains it all.  ***A new bill was introduced in Texas that, if passed, would force schools to add each student's BMI (Body Mass Index) of students to their report cards.  FYI: more than 33% of schoolchildren in Texas are overweight or obese.  ***Keep an eye out for new "Right Course" vending machines that will be filled with low carb & low fat snacks!  Sorry, but now you'll have no excuse to down bags of Funyuns and Moon Pies. That's all we've got...HG out!
Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day.  Celebrate a day late with Barbara's Bakery Peanut Butter Puffins cereal!
The new "Top Ate" list is up!  Check it out...
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