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Weight Watchers + Applebees = Good Times

Today is a glorious day. Why?  Because Applebee's will launch their new Weight Watcher's menu.  Complete with healthy, fiber-ific dishes like Shrimp Skewers (5 points), Grilled Talapia with Mango Salsa (7 points) and Mesquite Chicken Salad (4 points), the new additions are sure to score points with those who count them.  We applaud Applebee's for being more honest than their competitors, who try to pass off greasy low carb chicken wings (at 1000 calories a plate!) as healthy diet food.
Stomping the Carbs out of Wine...

Low carb item alert!  This week, Brown-Forman will release One.6 Chardonnay and One.9 Merlot (named for the amount of carbs they have per serving).  The wines will sell for approximately $10 per bottle and retailers expect them to fly off the shelves.  Normally, a glass of wine contains between 3 and 6 grams of carbs so you'll save between 1.1 and 4.4 carbs per 5 oz.  Not a huge amount...but, as you well know, every carb counts!
Warning to Splenda: Watch Your Back!

Coming soon...the first-ever artifical sweetener/sugar blend.  This fall, the makers of Equal will introduce "Equal Sugar Lite," a product specifically designed for baking and cooking.  While calorie-free sweeteners are fine to use in many recipes, they don't work well in cakes, breads or other items that depend on sugar for volume and browning.  Equal Sugar Lite will measure and bake like sugar, but have half the calories and carbs.  Sweet!
Chewin' the Fat

The world's oldest woman turned 116 last week.  She lives in the Belorussian village of Kuravsovshina, eats lots of fried potatoes and starts off each day with a strong cup of milky tea and a slice of salted raw pork fat.  Makes you wonder if counting carbs, fat or calories is worth it.  But then again, if you ate raw pork fat every day would you even WANT to live to 116?
May 16th -22nd is International Pickle Week. Did you know that large quantities of vitamin C-rich pickles were stocked on Christopher Columbus' 1492 voyages to help prevent scurvy outbreaks?

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