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Dear Hungry Girl,

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  Do you have any suggestions for guilt-free mail order gifts that look beautiful and taste GREAT?


Dear Gift-Giver,

As a matter of fact, I do.  It's still early so there's plenty of time to order online.  My favorite guilt-free find for Valentine's Day is VitaMuffin Lovin' Hearts, adorable heart-shaped chocolate 100-calorie chocolate muffins in a beautiful box!  Gayle's Miracle's Velvet Heart box, filled with 30-calorie truffles, is also a good choice.  Of course there's always the Hungry Girl-endorsed Valentine's Day Pack from Glenny's...but you'll have to wrap that one yourself (c'mon, wrapping stuff is fun!).  These are all delicious, diet-friendly gift choices. Good luck!


Dear Hungry Girl,

I need help. I work at an ice cream parlor and eat lots of ice cream.  Any advice for someone who works in close proximity to bad-for-you foods?

Surrounded by Scoops
Dear Surrounded,

Yikes!  Spending hours surrounded by ice cream means you need constant willpower.  Why not challenge yourself?  If you can go all week without giving in to temptation, treat yourself to a scoop (or two) of your favorite flavor at the end of the week as a reward.  If you have co-workers who are in the same boat as you, bring them into the challenge as well.  Having a partner to watch out for you will hold you accountable.  You'll be less likely to sneak those spoonfuls of ice cream if your friend's gonna call you on it.  Also, try something that works for me every time -- chew strong, minty gum!   Dentyne Ice has helped me get through some of life's most challenging food moments.  And two more things:  1. Never EVER show up for work hungry, and 2. bring good-for-you snacks to munch on in times of need.  Got it?  Cool!

February is potato-lovers month. Celebrate with a baked potato topped with salsa...not cheese, butter or sour cream!

If you love potatoes but not the carbs and calories that go along with them, check out our potato swaps email!

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