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Worth a shot!
Worth a shot!
Bacardi to Introduce Light Rum!

Hungry Girl is always happy to spread news about a new diet-friendly way to enjoy a cocktail.  So we're thrilled to announce the arrival of Island Breeze, Bacardi's new low-cal rum.  Set to launch nationwide in May, this 48-calorie-per-shot Splenda-sweetened liquor will come in three flavors; Key Lime, Coconut and Wild Berry.  48 calorie shots?  We'll drink to that!
Fruit En Route!

We drive.  And we're hungry.  So we know what it feels like to be starving with few options for decent snacks without getting out of the car.  So when someone tosses another guilt-free snack into the Drive-Thru ring, we need to tell you about it.  The latest diet-friendly fast food option is Fruit from Wendy's.  The chain is now offering fresh-cut fruit in two sizes -- a cup and a bowl.  Each contains cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple & grapes...and the bowl even comes with low fat strawberry yogurt for dipping.  We heart Wendy's!
Drive By Fruiting
Drive By Fruiting
Shooing the fat!
Shooing the fat!
Breyer's CarbSmart Sees the Light!

You may already be familiar with Breyer's CarbSmart ice cream.  It's been around since 2003, and has been very popular despite its high price and even higher fat content.  In February, CarbSmart  will launch flavors that'll appeal to carb counters who also watch their fat intake (you know, the smart carb-counters).  Flavors like Light Vanilla Fudge and Light Chocolate Peanut butter will be low in calories, carbs and fatIt's about time.
Fidgeting Fights Fat!

If your friend who hates exercise and eating right as much as you do has somehow managed to stay thin, there could be a reason.  A new study suggests that lean people tend to burn, on average, more than 350 calories a day more than obese people.  Despite equally sedentary jobs and exercise-free lifestyles, obese couch potatoes sit still, on average, more than 150 minutes more each day than lean ones.  They simply walk, play and fidget more.  So start twiddling your thumbs and tapping your toes.  Every little bit of movement counts.
Twiddle pounds away!
Twiddle pounds away!

Warning:  Tomorrow starts National Celebration of Chocolate Month. Hide under your bed.

Hey!  iVillage has relauched their site.  It looks awesome!  And we're not just saying that because Hungry Girl is a new columnist. (wink, wink.)

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