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Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Before you give up on the sweet treats, check out Hungry Girl's no-guilt V-Day finds!

Ever-Lovin' Muffins!


Leave it to Vitalicious to create a masterpiece like this. It's a gorgeous red box, brimming with adorable heart-shaped versions of their nutritious 100-calorie Deep Chocolate Vitamuffins. Could there be anything cuter or more Valentine-tastic?

We Heart Soy!
Glenny's is famous for making the best soy crisps on Earth. Their new flavor, Caramel, just may be their best one yet (trust us on this). And not only are they delicious, these crisps are shaped like hearts!  Low in calories (just 140 for an entire bag), and packed with soy protein, they're the perfect Valentine's Day snack.
Dandy Candy!

If you need to splurge, here are some sweet finds...

Tootsie Pop Valentine's Day Minis: 17 calories, no fat
Heart-Shaped York Peppermint Pattie: 140 calories, 2.5g fat
Necco Conversation Hearts: 3 calories, no fat
Valentine's Heart Peeps:  30-50 calories, no fat

Think Out of the Box!

Want to buy your sweetie the perfect Valentine's Day box of chocolates? Here it is! This gorgeous red velvet heart box is full of Gayle's Miracles famous 30-calorie truffles. When else can you break down and inhale an ENTIRE box of holiday candy for just 450 calories? Umm, NEVER!  (By the way, we don't recommend doing this -- we're just making a point).

Hungry Girl Tips...

Valentine's Day is the most candy-rific holiday of the year. If you're afraid of temptations, keep a pack of mints on hand. They're great craving-killers.

Keep healthy snacks on hand at work so you won't be weakened by all the chocolate that will soon surround you.

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