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Here are some of our favorite recipe sites on the web... 
Mr. Breakfast

Mr.Clean's flapjack-flippin' brother has found a home -- he lives at  This bald, muscular dude has a site jam-packed with everything breakfast!  A morning meal-obsessed webmaster, Mr. B serves up 90 omelette recipes, 70 morning drink concoctions and 114 ways to enjoy toast.  We have to warn you, not all of Mr. Breakfast's ideas are diet-friendly, but his mountainous array of breakfast suggestions continue to spark new ideas for creative guilt-free early morning meals.


Food Fit

Food Fit's recipe database is jam-packed with good-for-you food ideas.  Easily searchable and broken down into a bazillion categories, this is without a doubt one of our favorite recipe sites on the web.  Check out Chef Bonnie's Recipe Makeovers, where she makes lighter versions of old favorites (like mac 'n cheese). Yum!


American Heart Association Cookbook

This American Heart Association-produced website is fantastic!  The recipe section is easy to use and search -- and it has tons of heart-healthy offerings.  There's everything from ethnic dishes and appetizers, to desserts and more!  Each recipe comes complete with detailed nutritional info.


All Recipes

Here they are -- for your cooking pleasure, tons of healthy recipes in categories like Soy, High Fiber, South Beach, Low Fat and Low Calorie, Heart Healthy and more.  In addition to over 5,000 recipes, this site offers cooking hints & tips.  Incredible!


Today, February 10th, is National Cream Cheese Brownie Day.  Here's a recipe for some lowfat ones.
  Check out Hungry Girl's Valentine's Day Picks on iVillage...Woo hoo!
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