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It's National Snack Food Month...Celebrate with HG's "Top Ate" snack choices: 
1. Caramel Apple Dips

Slice a Fuji apple.  Then dip in T. Marzetti's Light or Fat Free Caramel Apple Dip.  2 teaspoons of the stuff is all you need for dipping, so this snack comes in at around 100 calories,  and it has under 1g of fat.  Appletastic!


2. Crunchmaster Crackers 'n Cheese

These crackers rock!  Spread a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light on 8 Crunchmaster crackers and voila...a 95 calorie, 2g of fat snack.  By the way, Crunchmaster crackers are now available at Costco.


3. Vitalicious VitaTops

Where do we begin?  Vitalicious Vitatops are some of the most awesome creations the world has ever seen.  They come in a whole slew of flavors, but our favorites are the Banana Nut and Deep Chocolate.  All have 100 calories or less, are low in fat and high in vitamins and fiber. (Pssst, they're only ONE point on Weight Watchers!)


4. Turkey Roll-ups

Take a slice of turkey breast and roll it up with a nice crunchy lettuce leaf, a pickle slice and some Dijonnaise, and have a hunger-kickin' protein snack for way under 100 calories!


5. Glenny's Light 'n Crispy Bars

Ok, Glenny's Light 'n Crispy Bars are addictive.  You can satisfy your chocolate cravings and your urge to crunch, with these light, 60-70 calorie, 3g of fat or less bars.  Keep 'em in your car's glove compartment for those desperate times.  (You'll thank us later!)


6. Morningstar Farms Mini Corn Dogs

Pop these veggie corn dogs in the toaster oven, dip 'em in mustard and enjoy. You will SWEAR you're cheating!  Limit yourself to 3 and you'll take in about 130 calories and 3g of fat.


7. Jolly Time Healthy Pop Popcorn

Creative flavors take the boredom about of popcorn.  Sugar Free Kettle Corn, Caramel Apple Healthy Pop and regular 94 percent fat free butter flavor offer variation in flavors.  Each serving has 90 - 110 calories and 2g of fat. Thanks, Jolly Time!  We heart popcorn.  A lot!


8. Wise Choice Snack Crisps

Hands down, still the world's best way to kick a potato chip craving.  Get the little bags so you can control how much you eat.  They're insanely good, and have just 110 calories and 3g of fat per serving.  The soy based ones even have 3g of fiber and lots of protein, too!  Crunch it up!


Today, February 17th, is National Sourdough Day.  If you must partake, try Wonder Light's version!
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