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Dear Hungry Girl,

I found out about your site from a recent issue of Woman's World magazine.  In the article you said you made some sort of fancy iced coffee drinks while you were dieting.  Can you tell me about these drinks?


Dear Coffee Craver,

My iced coffees save the day!  They're the perfect low cal mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and I LOVE them.  I start with a heaping teaspoon of Taster's Choice Vanilla Roast Instant coffee and 2 Splenda packets.  Then I add 5 oz. of water, tons of ice, 1 oz of 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk, and a splash of Fat Free Original Coffee-mate.  Sometimes I change it up and add some Torani Sugar Free syrups.  My favorite flavors are White Chocolate, Almond Roca and Hazelnut.  I also looove swapping the Coffee-mate with Jenny's Country Kitchen dessert creamers.  (Dissolve Jenny's creamers in a small amount of hot water before adding to your coffee.)  They're AWESOME!  All of these coffee drinks are low in fat and calories (about 20-40 calories and 1g of fat or less).  Happy coffee-ing!

Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm new to soy milk, but I 've noticed that you highly recommend 8th Continent Vanilla Soy for several recipes.   I haven't been able to locate that brand.  Can you recommend another brand or are they all similar? 

Searchin' for Soy

Dear Searchin',

I do mention 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk a lot (see above).  It tastes GREAT, has just 60 calories for a whole cup and is practically fat free.  Hard to beat stats like that for soy milk.  But if you're having a hard time finding the light version of this milk, you can keep an eye out for a few others I really like.  Soy Slender makes a great vanilla soy milk (it comes in a carton that doesn't need refrigeration and it has just 70 calories and 3g of fat per cup).  Also, Silk now makes a Light version of their Vanilla soy milk -- and it's fantastic, too.  That one has 80 calories and 2g of fat per serving.  Good luck in your search for soy!

Today, March 2, is National Banana Cream Pie Day.  Fake it by crushing some 100 Calorie Packs Honey Maid Thin Crips and topping with Fat Free Banana Jell-O Pudding and Fat Free Cool Whip!
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