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The next time you stroll the aisles of your local Supermarket, be VERY careful.
It's not just fudgy brownies and grease-soaked potato chips that can wreck
your diet. Seemingly healthy foods like fruit, veggies and "organic" products
can be full of hidden calories & sugar. Need proof? See below...

It All Went Pear-Shaped...

Is it possible to get fat on fruit?  Wanna find out?  Down a few cans of Del Monte Pear Halves in heavy syrup.  One cup contains 200 calories, 48 carbs and 46g of sugar.  If you buy your  fruit floating in in thick, gooey syrup, expect your "healthy" snack to have almost as many calories as a frozen Snickers bar -- and practically three times as much sugar!   Get your fruit packed in its own juice.
Raisin Cane!
You know those itty, bitty, teeny boxes of raisins you used to eat as a kid?  Well, we heard through the grapevine that a little tiny clump of the wrinkly dried fruit has 130 calories and a surprising 29 grams of sugar.  We like raisins, and they're a great source of iron, but please chew carefully.  It's great to toss a few on a salad every now and then, but as a straight snack we say grapes are a better option.  In fact, we say steer clear of dried fruit in general.
Breadshop Granola, Crunchy Oat Bran with Almonds & Raisins.  Sounds like the ultimate diet food, right?  Far from it, Friends.  1 cup has 420 calories,  17 grams of fat,  62 carbs and 18 grams of sugar.  420 calories for a tiny cup of cereal?  Are they kidding?!  Unfortunately, no joke here, just a very un-diet-friendly cup of fatty cereal.  Eeeks.

Tofurky Trouble

Sure, sausage is supposed to be fattening.  But what about meat-free veggie sausage?  Healthy, right?  Not so, when it comes to Tofurky Kielbasa Sausage.  This vegetarian link of tofu turkey sausage has 240 calories and 12 grams of fat!  Yikes!  12g of fat?  Ummm, no thanks! 

Not So Smooth
The word "smoothie" makes you think of Southern California health clubs and super-toned bodies, doesn't it?  Think again, People!   Stonyfield Farm's Organic Tropical Fruit Smoothie clocks in at 255 calories, 3 grams of fat, 45 net carbs and 41 grams of sugar per bottle.  That's a whole lot of calories and sugar to suck down in a liquid snack!
Today, March 4th, is National Poundcake Day.  Instead of eating poundcake, why don't you just "pound" some cake?  Play "Whack-a-Snack." 
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