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Selling Like Hotcakes!
Selling Like Hotcakes!
Desperately Seeking Snacks...

If you're stuck in a one-horse town without a Wal-Mart Supercenter (or, in our case, a big city without one), and are dying for those too-hot Weight Watchers 1-point snack cakes, all you have to do is pay a visit to eBay.  Entrepreneurial eBayers have started selling these boxed treats via online auctions.  You may have to pay a little bit more than the sticker price for these babies, but hey, ONE POINT CAKE is worth it!  The good news is you won't have to deal with things like eBay, paypal and bidding against other hungry humans for much longer -- these cakes will be released everywhere over the next few months.
More Confusing Diet Soda News

If you think Diet Coke is just a calorie-free version of Coke Classic, your brain is a little fizzy.  The popular diet beverage has always had a completely different formula.  Recently Coke execs have been busy in the Coca Cola lab stirring up a new diet version of their classic cola -- and this one's supposed to taste just like the real thing!  The new carbonated drink, which could possibly be called "Coca-Cola Light"  or "Coca-Cola Zero," is still in development.  No other details are available at this time.  We're intrigued...
A New Carbonated Concotion From Coke!
A New Carbonated Concotion From Coke!
The Enemy.
The Enemy.
Eat White Bread, Buy Larger Pants!

Don't go blaming carbs for everything.  It looks like white bread may be the big fat problem.  In two studies, scientists at Tufts University watched the eating habits of 450 people, comparing those who ate foods high in refined flour, like white bread, with diets packed with whole grains.  The results?  Those who consumed more whole grains, even if they consumed MORE CARBS in general, were thinner than refined flour-eaters.  According to experts, the reason is simple.  The flour in white bread metabolizes faster in the body, causing a spike in insulin, which turns to fat quickly -- right in your belly area!   If you like white bread, you better learn to love crunches even more.
More Healthy News From Mickey D's!

McDonald's is yet again trying to find ways to appeal to the health-conscious.  Their test-marketed Fruit & Walnut Salad will soon be released nationally, and they are experimenting with a whole line of deli sandwiches.  With any luck, it won't be long before you zip into the drive thru to get yourself a McTurkey on Rye.  Let's hope they're smart enough to offer up whole grain breads (see above).
A Fruity Success!
A Fruity Success!
Today, February 28th, is National Chocolate Souffle Day.  We're not even sure why we mentioned it.

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